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Additional Registration Information

Every quarter there is a short period of time after the last day to register that allows students to register with instructor permission.

  1. Check the academic calendar to determine the last day to register with instructor permission.
  2. Contact your instructor for permission.
  3. If you instructor agrees have him/her sign a Registration Add/Drop form. Alternatively the instructor may write a note with his/her signature, or email registration stating you have permission to attend the specific class.
  4. Return the permission form to the Registration office to enroll in the course.

If a class is full, students may:

  1. Attend the class on the first day of the class.  Alternatively, contact your instructor for permission.
  2. If your instructor agrees have him/her sign a Over-enrollment Form. Alternatively the instructor may write a note with his/her signature stating you have permission to over-enroll the specific class.
  3. Return the Over-enrollment form to the Registration office to enroll in the course. IMPORTANT: This form must be submitted to Registration within 24 hours of signature.

Attendance: Once enrolled, students are required to attend classes.
Non-attendance: Not attending, or “telling” an instructor you plan to drop a class, does not count as official withdrawal. Contact the instructor directly for an “excused absence” before the class begins.

Students must complete the official withdrawal process using OASIS online or in person at any registration location. Students who do not attend and do not withdraw officially will receive a grade and all tuition and fees will be applied. Instructors have the option to administratively drop students for non-attendance during the first week of the quarter for a variety of reasons, including wait-listed students. CAUTION: Many instructors will not drop students and award failing grades for non-attendance.

To remove your enrollment from a course online:

  • Use OASIS to drop online.
  • Refunds are subject to deadlines. See refund information and deadlines prior to dropping your course.
  • Students may drop a course with the following grades subject to deadline dates on the academic calendar:
    • No grade reported (usually within the first two weeks of the quarter). See deadline.
    • "W" withdrawal date until part way through the quarter. See quarter deadline.
    • After the last date to drop with a W grade, contact Registration and Records for additional information.
  • Exception: Early or late starting classes may have different deadline dates. Contact R&R for details.

Students may miss deadlines or experience circumstances which may warrant filing a Registrar's Petition to ask for an exception. See Petitioning for Exceptions for instructions and more information. Registration and Records staff can help you decide whether a petition is appropriate in your situation.

If the class you want is full, and you meet prerequisites, you can wait list the class. To determine availability in a class, use Class Schedule Planner (seats left option). See more about Waitlists.

 Prerequisites for classes can be found using the Class Schedule Planner. Find the class and click on the "details" button. Prerequisites are also found in the in the current OC Catalog. See more on Prerequisites.