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Petitioning for Exceptions

Students may miss deadlines or experience circumstances which may warrant filing a Registrar's Petition to ask for an exception.

Students may download and print the Registrar's Petition form or request a paper copy at any OC Registration Office.

Generally students may petition the Registrar for one of the following circumstances after day ten of the quarter:

  1. Registration change
  2. Class change or correction of a registration detail because of schedule changes or errors
  3. Adding or dropping a class(es) after day ten of the quarter
  4. Total withdrawal from the college
  5. Submitting a form to audit a class after day ten of the quarter
  6. Submitting a Pass/No credit form after day ten of the quarter

Registration and Records staff can give advice about actions appropriate to your situation.

Petitions should be submitted as soon as possible or before the end of 60% of the quarter. Petitions after that date may be considered for circumstances beyond the control of the student, and may include death in the family, medical situations, job schedule changes, or military transfer.

An instructor's signature together with related information may be of assistance and will provide involvement or support for the request.

  • Be sure a petition is necessary.
    Check the calendar or other information carefully or discuss the matter with Registration staff.
  • Be thorough.
    Please state the reasons for the request.  Substantiating documentation may be needed for circumstances such as unexpected medical difficulties, or change of work hours.
  • Be timely.
    Submit the petition as soon as possible after the deadline is missed or an error in registration is noted.
  • Be respectful.
    Registration staff are helpful and will assist you quickly.
  • If approved:
    If the petition is approved and requires additional tuition, two working days are allowed for payment.

A petition will be processed in five to ten working days after the submission date. Notification will be sent by U.S. mail.

You can submit an appeal in writing to the Office of the Registrar. The appeal will be forwarded to the Admissions, Registration and Graduation Appeals Committee (ARGAC). The committee meets as needed each quarter. The decision of the committee is final.