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Graduation Approval Process

Graduation application decision

Your degree or certificate application typically will be processed within 3 to 4 weeks after the end of the applied quarter. (See the academic calendar for the quarter end date.) You will be notified by mail if your degree application is approved, or denied. Denial letters will include an explanation.

Upon approval, your degree will be posted to your transcript. View your unofficial transcript using OASIS view my unofficial transcript, or order an official transcript.

Note: Spring applicants may not view their transcript on OASIS until the review process is complete. Grades may be viewed using OASIS my class schedule. For questions or assistance, contact Registration and Records.

Diploma and Certificates

Receive your diploma or certificate

  • Diplomas -Pick up your diploma from the Bremerton Registration and Records office (or Shelton if indicated on application). Alternatively, your diploma will be mailed to you if you paid the $5 mailing fee.
  • Certificates - Will be mailed to you at the address indicated on the application.

Available date

When your diploma is ready you will be notified by email or mail, or the diploma will be mailed to you if you paid the mailing fee. Diplomas and certificates are typically ready:

  • Fall and winter graduates by the beginning of July.
  • Spring graduates by late July.

Graduation Questions