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Counseling Services

Counseling Services
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Counseling Services is dedicated to promoting the health and well-being of students by recognizing individuality, diversity and the person's inherent ability to manage everyday challenges and achieve life goals.

Counselors are licensed professionals who provide personal counseling, career counseling, academic intervention, advising and high school completion.  They have their own approach depending on the unique experiences of students. They do not diagnose, prescribe medications or provide long-term mental health care. The number of sessions varies according to the needs of each student. Within their scope of practice they address a variety of student concerns by providing emotional support, exploring possible solutions, encouraging personal insight, and referring students to community-based resources as appropriate. 

Counselors are members of the Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) where students, faculty and staff are able to report their concerns regarding a student who is experiencing emotional distress, may be suicidal, who you suspect may be struggling with addiction, or demonstrating other behavioral concerns like disruptive or acting in a potentially unsafe manner.  The BIT initiates an investigation to determine the best response to address the needs of all those directly impacted.

Counselors offer workshops quarterly and visit classes to discuss a variety of topics including test anxiety, stress management, career exploration, etc. They provide consultation services to faculty and staff on matters concerning student success.  Additional resources for faculty and staff (i.e., classroom management and information on how to help students in distress) are also available.

Students' persistence and success are enhanced when students connect with their professors and classmates, balance their academic responsibilities with other roles, create a clear educational path, learn how to learn and ask for help when it is needed.

Learn more about the Counselors and their personal approaches.

View links related to services provided by the Counselors:

  • Mental Health Promotion & Suicide Prevention (Examine a variety of health promoting resourses.)
  • Personal Counseling (Express deep concerns in a safe space, explore solutions, identify resources, etc.)
  • Academic Advising (Explore areas of study, create educational plans, review transfer process, etc.)
  • Academic Intervention (Assess study skills, explore resources, develop support and goals, etc.)
  • Career Counseling (Complete assessments, conduct research, explore majors/programs, etc.)
  • High School Completion (Explore these alternatives: GED, HS21+, and High School Adult Diploma.)


Email or call to schedule an appointment: 360.475.7530,  CounselFac@olympic.edu.

Visit the Advising and Counseling Center for answers: HSS203.


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OC Military Education Offices

Jerimiah Meyer
Director of Military Education and Veteran Services
(360) 475-7348

Casey Reed
Transition Manager for Veteran Student Success
(360) 473-2827

Kevin Askin
Educational Advisor

Apply in person with an advisor at Naval Base locations:

OC at NBK – Bangor Directions

OC at NBK – Bremerton Directions

For an appointment:
Email: militaryed@olympic.edu
Phone: (360) 473 -2821

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