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The Olympic College Business Management program prepares students for leadership roles in retail sales, public service, government and small business environments. The program mission is “To assist individuals in mastering the management/leadership relationship while adapting strategies that foster personal growth, technological skills, and ability to change in a dynamic global business environment.”

Current wage information can be found for each career option. After finding the career option in O*NET OnLine, click on Wages & Employment, click Local Salary Info, select Washington, and click Go.

Currently no license is required for many business careers in Washington State. Students are encouraged to research career goals as more employers are seeking employees with degrees and may also require specific requirements. Additional career information can be found at the Bureau of Labor Statistics website.

  • The Evergreen State College

Gainful Employment regulations passed by the federal government require colleges to disclose how certain programs (i.e., programs that meet certain criteria) prepare students for "gainful employment." Click on the link below to view gainful employment information for this program.

Retail Management WAFC - Gainful Employment Disclosure

Stephen Quinn
Vocational Advisor

Marwan Cameron
Business Management Advisor