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Today's Date is Monday, February, 17, 2020
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The Olympic College Athletic Department is proud of these scholar-athletes.  They exemplify the best of what it means to be a student-athlete.  To be named a Ranger Scholar Athlete, the student must have a 3.25 GPA or above with a minimum 12 Credits Earned.  * Indicates 4.0 GPA

This program began in Fall of 2017.  Below is the list scholars from the most recent completed quarter.  Previous years can be found it the dropdown below.  




Jonathan Bell                                     Baseball

Tanner Clabaugh                              Baseball

Tavin Dawson                                    Baseball

*James Gunther                               Baseball

*Scott Gunther                                 Baseball

Aaron Willey                                       Baseball

Jacob Denney                                    Baseball

*Nash Gowin                                     Baseball

Matthew Love                                   Baseball

Elliot Payne                                        Baseball

Brady Shimko                                    Baseball

Tyus Stanley                                       Baseball


Taylar Clark                                         Softball

Jamie Utt                                             Softball

Marissa Fenton                                 Softball

Sydney Garrett                                 Softball

Mechelle Nisbet                               Softball

Shanya Nisbet                                   Softball

Kylie Tasaki                                         Softball

Natasha Vincett                                Softball


Khaliyah Harris                                  Track & Field

Kaitlyn Paller                                      Track & Field

Lily Campbell                                     Track & Field

Katherine Sicotte                             Track & Field

 Casey Lynch                                       Track & Field

Catrice Thompson                           Cross Country/Track & Field

Leroy Donavon                                  Cross Country/Track & Field

Nicolas Bourgios                               Cross Country/Track & Field


*Katie Campana                               Basketball

Natalee Gordon                                 Basketball

Brianna Lammi                                  Basketball

Hailey Simonson                               Basketball

Kashon Tate                                       Basketball


Bryce Anderson                                 Volleyball

Natalie Barringer-Mullins                   Volleyball

Imani Frogge                                      Volleyball

Leah Kunz                                           Volleyball

Katie Love                                           Volleyball


Roger O’Hara                                     Golf


Zion Archer, Track & Field

Khaliyah Harris, Track & Field

Darren Junt, Track & Field

Devin Meksick, Track & Field

Kaitlyn Paller, Track & Field

Samantha Raines, Track & Field

Maartin Cornyn, Cross Country/Track & Field

Tim Lara, Cross Country/Track & Field

Leroy Donavon, Cross Country/Track & Field

Hanna Patterson, Cross Country/Track & Field

Paola Ramirez, Cross Country/Track & Field


*Tanner Gochnour, Baseball

*James Gunther, Baseball

*Scott Gunther, Baseball

Kyler Olsen, Baseball

Caleb Manuel, Baseball

Riley Sayer, Baseball

Jared Scott, Baseball

Aaron Willey, Baseball

Cooper Bailey-Parsons, Baseball

Tanner Clabaugh, Baseball

Cesar Cuevas, Baseball

Jacob Denney, Baseball

Andrew Gallegos, Baseball


Brittni Blake, Basketball

Katie Campana, Basketball

Izaiah Clark, Basketball

*Natelee Gordon, Basketball

Mekhi Hughes, Basketball

Will Johnson, Basketball

Brianna Lammi, Basketball

Kashon Tate, Basketball

Darzell Walker, Basketball


Lexie Gojkovich, Softball

Kyler Tsukada, Softball

*Emily Tuffey, Softball

Jamie Utt, Softball

*Taylar Clark, Softball


*Bryce Anderson, Volleyball

Natalie Barringer-Mullins, Volleyball

Mikkele Gallier, Volleyball

Mattie Kozloff, Volleyball

*Leah Kunz, Volleyball

Katie Love, Volleyball

Bailey Queen, Volleyball

Georgia Romine-Black, Volleyball



Hunter Blunt                      Baseball

Cole Chambers                 Baseball

Jacob Denney                    Baseball

Lukas Diehm                      Baseball

*Tanner Gochnour          Baseball

*James Gunther               Baseball

Scott Gunther                   Baseball

Kapena Idemoto              Baseball

Jesse Morales                    Baseball

Kyler Olsen                         Baseball

Bryan Ponce                       Baseball

Bailey Sarto                        Baseball

Ben Tinnell                          Baseball

Dan Tomkiewicz               Baseball

Aaron Willey                       Baseball

Mekhi Hughes                   Basketball

*Tobyn Lawson                 Basketball

Chase White                       Basketball

*Brittni Blake                     Basketball

Lexi Ioane                           Basketball

Shanya Nisbet                   Basketball/Softball

Mechelle Nisbet               Basketball/Softball

Natalie Gordon                 Basketball

Andrew Nelson                 Golf

Andy Renne                       Golf

*Taylar Clark                      Softball

Zoe Roberts                        Softball

Adia Roberts                      Softball

Jared DeGuzman              Cross Country/Track

Casey Lynch                        Track

Colton Paller                      Track

Koshi Ukai                           Track

Bailey Castillo                     Cross Country/Track

Julia Claeys                         Cross Country/Track

*Erin Herman-Kerwin    Cross Country

Khaliah Harris                     Track

Dylan McArdle                  Track

Kaitlyn Paller                      Track

Hanna Patterson              Cross Country/Track

Samantha Raines              Track

Bryce Anderson                Volleyball



Bryce Anderson                Volleyball

Hunter Blunt                     Baseball

Cole Chambers                Baseball

Julia Claeys                      Cross Country/Track & Field

Izaiah Clark                      Basketball

Taylar Clark                      Softball

Hayden Curnett                Baseball

Jarod DeGuzman             Track & Field

Lukas Diehm                    Baseball

Imani Frogge                    Volleyball

Sam Gagliardi                  Basketball

Andrew Garcia                 Baseball

Tanner Gochnour             Baseball

Natalee Gordon               Basketball

*James Gunther              Baseball

*Scott Gunther                Baseball

Sam Hammond               Volleyball

Erin Herman-Kerwin        Cross Country/Track & Field

Erika Hettick                    Cross Country/Track & Field

Marissa Horton                Softball

Kapena Idemoto              Baseball

Darren Junt                      Track & Field

MKenna Kendall              Golf

*Tobyn Lawson                Basketball

Jadin Left                         Softball

Casey Lynch                    Track & Field

Dylan McArdle                 Track & Field

Danielle Monson              Basketball/Track & Field

Andrew Nelson                Golf

Shanya Nisbet                 Basketball/Softball

Mechelle Nisbet               Basketball/Softball

Andy Renne                     Golf

Zoe Roberts                     Softball

Colton Paller                    Track & Field

Kaitlyn Paller                    Track & Field

Hanna Patterson              Cross Country/ Track & Field

Bryan Ponce                    Baseball

Bailey Sarto                     Baseball

Josh Steffen                    Track & Field

Kylie Tasaki                     Softball

Dan Tomkiewicz              Baseball

*Koshi Ukai                      Track & Field

Tres Wessling                  Baseball

*Chase White                   Basketball

*Aaron Willey                   Baseball



Andrew Nelson    Golf

Andy Renne        Golf


Sam Hammond   Volleyball

*Bryce Anderson  Volleyball

Diane Olson         Volleyball/Basketball/Track & Field

Imani Frogge       Volleyball

Sarah Roach       Volleyball


*Sarah Howerton  Basketball

Danielle Monson  Basketball/Track & Field

Natalee Gordon  Basketball

Brittni Blake        Basketball

Lexi Ioane           Basketball

Khaliyah Harris   Basketball/Track & Field

Shanya Nisbet    Basketball/Softball

Mechelle Nisbet  Basketball/Softball

*Tobyn Lawson   Basketball

Sam Gagliardi    Basketball

Chase White      Basketball

Izaiah Clark       Basketball

Mekhi Hughes   Basketball


*Erin Herman-Kerwin  Cross Country/Track & Field

Hanna Patterson  Cross Country/ Track & Field

Erika Hettick        Cross Country/Track & Field

Dylan McArdle    Track & Field

Julia Claeys        Cross Country/Track & Field

Kaitlyn Paller       Track & Field

Colton Paller       Track & Field


Alex Bryner          Baseball

Cole Chambers   Baseball

*James Gunther  Baseball

Bryan Ponce        Baseball

Kyler Alvis            Baseball

Hunter Blunt         Baseball

Cesar Cuevas      Baseball

Lukas Diehm        Baseball

*Tanner Gochnour  Baseball

*Scott Gunther     Baseball

Jesse Morales     Baseball

Kyler Olsen          Baseball

Aaron Willey       Baseball


Adia Roberts       Softball

Zoe Roberts         Softball