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Today's Date is Monday, February, 24, 2020
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Welcome to Olympic College! 

We are thrilled to have you a part of the Ranger Nation.  To prepare for your time here at OC, follow each of the steps IN ORDER via the drop down menus below.  

Click here to complete the 6-part application at the Web Admissions Center for the Washington State Community and Technical Colleges.  Once completed, you will receive an acceptance email with your Student ID (SID) and student email address.  

If the online process isn't working, you can print the application and mail to Admissions or call OC's Welcome Center for assistance: 360-475-7279 or  Find more information on the services provided by the Welcome Center by clicking here.


Please email your SID & student email address to our Student Athlete Success Coach, Ryan Parker, at

Olympic College does NOT require your high school transcripts. 


If you took any college level courses for credit, please have your transcripts for these courses sent to the Olympic College Admissions Office at the below address.  This transcript must be sent from the college who is giving you the credits (NOT your high school).


Olympic College

Attn:  Office of Admissions

1600 Chester Ave.

Bremerton, WA 98337


**If possible, please also send your unofficial transcript to our athletic advisor, Shannon Bell at  Please do this prior to your appointment.  

Funding your college education takes work, persistence, and dedication.  Please make sure to put the required time and effort into the following steps.

1.  It is very important that you complete the FAFSA as soon as possible.  Please click this link to go to the federal student aid website to complete.  The OC school code for financial aid is 003784.

If you need assistance with the FAFSA, please:

  • Visit OC's Welcome Center in building 4 (HSS) or contact them at 360-475-7279 or welcome@olympic.eduClick here to find more ways the Welcome Center can help you during the enrollment process.
  • Attend a Financial Aid workshop.  Check out the Financial Aid website for dates and times.  

2.  Apply for scholarships.

  • The best place for scholarships you qualify for can be found in your high school counseling office.  Stop by and apply for every scholarship you qualify for.  
  • Washington state residents can use the Washboard website to find more scholarships they may be eligible for.  
  • Many scholarships are available through organizations your parents belong to such as Lion's or various Unions.
  • Scholarships are available through the Olympic College Foundation.  
  • There are outside scholarships also available for those who qualify.  A list can be found here.
  • Grants for certain trades may be available through the Opportunity Grant.  Find more information here.

3. Other Funding Available.

There are some other funding options such as grants and waivers.  A list of the types of financial aid can be found here.

4.  Tuition is due for fall quarter 2019 on September 9, 2019.  For more information including the college's payment plan, click here.

There's more to funding your education than just the FAFSA.  Olympic College's Financial Aid department communicates with their students primarily through the Student Financial Aid Portal.  There's more paperwork to do than just the FAFSA and it is all inside the portal.  Login instructions are on the page and available once you click here.  

Please submit requested financial aid documentation as soon as possible so your award can be processed.  This process takes approximately 4-6 weeks but will be held up by missing documentation so check your portal regularly. 

If you need assistance logging into the Portal, please contact:

  • Visit OC's Welcome Center in building 4 (HSS) or contact them at 360-475-7279 or welcome@olympic.eduClick here to find more ways the Welcome Center can help you during the enrollment process.

As a reminder, tuition is due for fall quarter 2019 on September 9, 2019.  

Olympic College requires completion of the Accuplacer for placement into Math and English classes.  This test can be taken on the OC campus or at many colleges and universities throughout the country.  Check with your local college's testing center to see what placement test they use.  Some colleges and universities will require a voucher number from Olympic College in order to take the test at their center.  Contact Paul Wong in the Olympic College Testing Center by calling (360)475-7238 or by email at or  to get the voucher number and further directions.

**IMPORTANT** OC requires both Reading and Writing scores for entrance into your initial English course.  When registrating for the Accuplacer at another institution, please make sure you also take the Writing section (NOT WritePlacer).  

If you complete the Accuplacer at another institution, please have them send the results to OC via fax at 360-475-7470 or email at

You may not register for English or Math classes until this test is complete so register and take it as soon as possible.  It is highly recommended that you practice for this test.  Click this link and scroll down to "Practice & Prepare" to find resources.  

Want to take the test at OC?  Click here for more information.  This link will also have information regarding accommodations for disabilities and alternate options for assessment such as the Smarter Balanced Assessment and SEM Courses.

Questions?  Call the Testing Center at 360-475-7238 or email at or

This test must be completed prior to your appointment with our Athletic Academic Advisor.

The Student Orientation to Advising & Registration (SOAR) program is intended to help orient you to Olympic College.  It is required prior to class registration.

For local students, click here for registration.

For out-of-area students, click here for the online version and follow steps 1-5.

IMPORTANT!  On step 4 on the online version and in the workshop on campus, you will asked to schedule an appointment to meet with an advisor.  We have an advisor specific to our student-athletes.  Once you have completed your Accuplacer, SOAR, and have put together a class schedule plan (see the next tab in this list), send an email to to schedule an appointment.  

Once you have completed SOAR and the Accuplacer, you must schedule an appointment with Athletic Academic Advisor, Shannon Bell.  If you have not done so already, please email her for an appointment:  These appointments can occur face-to-face or via phone. 

Again, both SOAR & the Accuplacer test (all sections) must be complete prior to your appointment time.  

To help the process of academic advising, you must prep for your appointment.  Please respect this process by completing the following:

To prep for your appointment, please complete the steps below BEFORE YOUR APPOINTMENT TIME:

  1. What will your practice schedule be?  Check with your coach for these requirements.  
  2. What classes are you interested in?  Have a look at the Class Schedule Planner to look at available classes.  Make sure you have the correct quarter selected at the drop down menu at the top of the page.  We also recommend perusing this list of available Fields of Study to see what types of classes are available at OC. 
  3. Click here to download the Associate in Arts - Direct Transfer worksheet which outlines degree requirements for graduation here at OC.  This is not the only degree available to you but it is the most transferable if you intend to transfer to a 4-year university.  You do not need to send this to Shannon.  This is to help you track your path to graduation.  
  4. Once you find classes you're interested in, that fit your degree requirements and your practice schedule, fill out this Registration Form (click to download) then scan and email to Shannon.
  5. Send your unofficial college transcript of any college credits to Shannon at  You will still need to send an official transcript from the college in which the credits were received to Olympic College Admissions for the actual credits to transfer.  


  • Academic Advisors will not choose your classes for you nor will they research admittance requirements for a program at another college that you're interested in. 
  • If you are taking college classes for the first time or have moved away from home, we highly recommend taking no more than 15 credits that are all face-to-face or web-enhanced for your first quarter in order to make your transition easier.  
  • Lastly, the appointment is between you as the student-athlete and Shannon.  Parents, guardians, or any others may be a part of the process but all communication and decisions must be made by the YOU, the student-athlete.  This is required by State and Federal laws regarding privacy along with your growth as a student.

Please work on your housing options as soon as possible.  Most coaches will assist you in finding teammates to live with.  However it will be your decision on where you live. 

  • There are many apartment complexes around Bremerton.  A good place to start is or  Some complexes our student-athletes have lived before include Olympic Village, Pine Ridge Apartments, The Landings, & Insignia Apartments.  These complexes are not officially endorsed by the college--they are merely places previous student-athletes have stayed.  
  • Click here for information regarding OC's dorms.

If you are looking for an on-campus job, please click here to go to the career center website.  For a step-by-step guide, please click here to download.  This guide is created by the Athletics & Recreation Departments to help you in this process.  There are many jobs on campus outside of Athletics & Recreation, especially if you qualify for work study funding.  The jobs available in the Athletics & Recreation Departments are extremely limited so we recommend pursuing options outside of the department as well.  

Hiring Process Notes:

1) A completed application is not a guarantee for a job.

2) Make sure you have completely followed all instructions.  Incomplete applications will be rejected. 

3) If selected, you may be notified for an interview by the hiring manager. 

4) Prior to completing hiring paperwork, state law requires you to pass a background check.

5) When hired for a position, you will need to complete hiring paperwork, which will require filling out an federal form called an I-9.  All required documents to prove residency must be either original or certified copies.  Expired documents will not be accepted. 

6) In addition, you will fill out a W-4, which is a federal tax document.  The Career Center cannot give tax advice so if you have never filled out this form, it is recommended that you pursue any necessary clarifications in advance. 

7) Lastly, OC pays their employees via direct deposit.  You will need a direct deposit form from you bank with your account information.  Many banks have this available online once you log into your account.  Make sure you know how to get this information!

7) All hiring paperwork must be completed before you can work.  Failure to complete hiring paperwork in a reasonable amount of time will result in loss of position.




Please click here to download specific forms required for your sport.  These forms are required prior to participation.  You cannot participate without them completed and turned in.  Please turn them in online by following these instructions.

Specific Notes Regarding the Sports Physical:

  • If you are getting a new physical, it must be dated AFTER July 1st.  
  • If you had a sports physical from January 2019 on your insurance company may not cover another one for 13 months. If that is the case, we can use the one you got during your senior year.  You will have to get a new one when your insurance company allows.

For student-athletes who may have a diagnosed mental illness, learning disability or injury that impedes the learning process, Access Services will provide avenues to help with academic and life success.  Please click the link for the Access Services website.  You will need to apply for services by clicking the "Apply for Services" button.  

If you have an IEP at your high school, it is important to note that it DOES NOT TRANSFER to OC automatically.  You must do the work to get services set up here, which includes applying for services and submitting the proper medical paperwork from the diagnosing doctor(s).  

Baseball and Softball athletes will need an enhanced driver’s license or a passport as both teams will travel to Canada to play Douglas College.

Do not wait until the last minute to get this taken care of.  This can be a long process and needs to be taken care of soon after signing your LOI.

For more information on the enhanced driver's license, click here for the website of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. 

For Washington State residents,click here for the website on how to get your enhanced driver's license.  

For information on getting a U.S. Passport, click here.

If you plan to transfer after your time at OC, you will want to register with the NAIA and NCAA.  This does not need to be completed before you attend classes at OC but will need to be completed before you transfer to a 4-year school.  You should register for both in case you are recruited at both levels.

Play NAIA Eligibility Center

NCAA Eligibility Center

  • Athletes must be registered in a minimum of 12 credit hours.
  • Athletes must have passed a minimum of 10 credit hours the last quarter you were enrolled in college. 
  • Athletes may not participate in one sport more than two seasons. 
  • Athletes must be registered within 20 days from the beginning of the quarter. 
  • To qualify for eligibility to participate in a second (2nd) season of any sport, you must have earned a minimum of 36 credit hours and maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.00 during any quarter of participation. 
  • Athletes must be a high school graduate or the class of which you were a member has graduated. 
  • ANY TIME you participate in a regularly scheduled game, match or contest, you will be charged with one year of eligibility in that sport. 
  • Athletes may be declared ineligible if during the sport season you represent any club, organization or team other than your college team. 
  • If you are a athletic-transfer from another community college that is a member of the NWAC, you become eligible for athletic competition after a time lapse of three quarters, exclusive of summer school, after separation from the athletic program.
  • If convicted for the use or sale of legend drugs, including anabolic steroids, you will be disqualified from participation in a NWAC sponsored athletic event or activity for a period of one year.