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Jack Stenhjem first came to the college in 1963 as a physical education instructor and athletic coach, assisting both the men’s basketball (until 1968) and football teams (until 1973).  Six years later, he was appointed chairman of the PE Department while he continued to teach. 

He had to give up coaching in 1974 when he was appointed Director of Social Sciences and Service Occupations.  This position became more challenging with the implementation of Title IX, a challenge Stenhjem embraced.  "Prior to Title IX, there really weren't any women’s sports," he shared, "There was a little bowling and a little volleyball. It was not what we look at today when we think of competitive athletics. Women have made tremendous strides.  It's been good to see their programs grow." 

He served in that position for 14 years before being named Director of the Student Center—a position which oversaw PE, food services, athletics, and all activities related to the opening of the new Bremer Student Center.  A couple of year later, he became the Associate Dean of Student Services when the college asked him to add the Office of the College Registrar to his job description.

In addition to his duties at the college, Stenhjem also served at the conference level.  He was the men’s athletic commissioner to the conference for 22 years and served on the Executive Board for 6 years.  For his service, he was inducted into the NWAACC Hall of Fame in 1994. 

Stenhjem retired from the college in December of 1993 after 30 years, 10 as faculty and 20 as an administrator.