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Bill & Bob Fredericks were figureheads in regional tennis development in the early 1950’s. Their dad helped build the concrete tennis courts at Warren Field, where they learned to play tennis early and often.

Bill never lost a match as a Ranger in either singles or doubles.  Together with his partner Gail Davis, Bill won the Washington State Junior College doubles championships in 1950 and 1951.  Bill won the singles championship in the same years.  

Bob was a successful tennis player in his own right, never losing a match at OC.  He went on to help found the Kitsap Tennis & Athletic Center, helping to bring many tennis tournaments to the county.  He’s now known as “Mr. Tennis” in Kitsap County and continues to volunteer in many tennis functions.  Bob also competed on the 1948-49 men's basketball team that is being inducted in this Hall of Fame class.

Bob started volunteering back in 1951 when the college asked him to take the tennis team to the National Junior College tournament when the team’s coach couldn’t get the time off work. “I got $50 and expenses,” says Bob, “It’s the only time I have been paid for volunteering.”  The Rangers competed in high heat, forcing Bill to withdraw from the main competition due to severe cramps.  He rallied and won the X bracket.

Bill has passed but Bob is still active in many tennis activities in Kitsap County.