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Associate of Science - Track 2 (AS-Track 2)*

Engineering, Physics, Computer Science and Atmospheric Science


The AS-Track 2 is intended for students with an interest in transferring to a baccalaureate institution in the State of Washington in one of the targeted disciplines. (For engineering transfer within the State of Washington, use the Associate of Science - Track 2 - Major Related Program - Pre-Engineering degree appropriate for the desired discipline.) Typically the Associate in Arts degree is best suited for transfer to certain baccalaureate institutions. Students should meet early in their matriculation at Olympic College with an academic faculty advisor to  determine the degree suitable for them.

Note: Though courses in a world language are not required for the Associate of Science degree, some baccalaureate institutions may require two or three quarters of world language for admission or for graduation.

Entire sequences of science courses should be completed at one college.

Note: Prior to starting some or all of the following courses, students should:

  • Complete ENGL 098 or place into ENGL& 101
  • Complete MATH& 142 or MATH 143 or place into MATH& 151
  • Complete PHYS 110 or a rigorous high school physics class
  • Complete CHEM& 139 or place into CHEM& 141


Required & Prerequisite Courses

Basic Written Communication Skills
(10 credits)
Credits Subtotal: 
Basic Quantitative Skills
(15 credits)
Credits Subtotal: 
Humanities and Social Sciences
15 credits: 5 credits in Humanities, 5 credits in Social Sciences, and an additional 5 credits in either one - see Distribution Requirements page
Credits Subtotal: 

Note 1

For advising, new students should contact the Science, Engineering and Mathematics Advisor 360.475.7743, SEMAdvisor@olympic.edu. For further advising contact a faculty member in the targeted discipline.

Note 2

It may require more than 90 credits to achieve junior standing, but the total depends on major and transfer university.

Note 3

Specific Colleges, Departments, and programs within universities require a GPA considerably higher than the minimum for an associate degree. Contact advisors at the baccalaureate institution for requirements.

Additional Information

See the All Programs list for more details.