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ASP Server Development: Certificate of Recognition

This certificate can enable students to design, develop, implement and maintain Active Server Pages (ASP) to support typical Web-based activities. These skills will integrate Web servers and databases through server-side programming to create interactive dynamic Web pages using current Microsoft© technologies.

Advisor / Program Contacts

Full Time Faculty
(360) 475-7371
Full Time Faculty
(360) 475-7588
Full Time Faculty
(360) 475-7376
Full Time Faculty
(360) 475-7357

Program Outcomes

Upon completion of this program, successful students will have demonstrated the ability to apply their skills and knowledge in the following ways:

  1. Identify major elements in the process of designing a Web based business solution;
  2. Gather user requirements, convert them into a logical design, and implement them into a software-based solution;
  3. Document a system development project with user requirements, entity relationship models, normalization, database schema, and programming requirements;
  4. Explain the relationship among databases, programming, Web servers, and Web browsers;
  5. Demonstrate the use of basic HTML and CSS;
  6. Create an interactive Web page;
  7. Create and maintain a database;
  8. Use programming to link a database to a Web page;
  9. Create an “n-tier” project based on end-user needs.

Required & Prerequisite Courses