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Affirmative Action Policy

Olympic College, Community College District No. 3, shall provide equal educational and employment opportunities without regard to race or ethnicity, creed, color, sex, national origin, age, marital status, religious preference, life-threatening illness, the presence of any sensory, mental, or physical disability, reliance on public assistance, sexual orientation, status as a disabled or Vietnam-era veteran, or political opinions or affiliations.

It is a realization that discrimination, and the prejudice from which it results, is deeply ingrained within our culture. Concentration on the mere prevention of discrimination can result in the implementation of practices, which provide only superficial equality. Such practices, while possibly within the letter of the law, do not enact the full intent of the federal and state legislation, presidential and gubernatorial executive orders, or the courtsí interpretation of these mandates. Therefore, Olympic College will organize and implement practices and programs, which aid in overcoming the effects of discrimination in regard to all of the protected groups.

In establishing affirmative action as a priority, Olympic College leadership believes that affirmative action must occur not only in the employment phase of its operation, but also in its educational programs, since it is in this area that the educational system impacts the makeup of the labor force of the future.

Olympic College will operate aggressively and affirmatively in implementing and maintaining programs, which will promote genuine equal education and employment attitudes and opportunities. Complying with this policy is a priority commitment to affirmative action in the day-to-day operations at Olympic College, resulting in improved opportunities for protected groups and an improved learning environment.

The Affirmative Action Officer is responsible for the implementation and maintenance of systems that monitor the effectiveness of the Collegeís Affirmative Action Plan. While it is the obligation of all staff members to assist in achieving goals for the plan, administrators and supervisors are expected to provide leadership in this effort.

Persons who have questions or grievances regarding affirmative action or equal employment and education opportunities at the College are invited to contact the College President or the Affirmative Action Officer.

(*Adopted by the Board of Trustees 03/28/89 (rev. 08/27/91) (rev. 5/23/95))