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Olympic College Policy Manual Table of Contents

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100: Board of Trustees Policies

Policy Name Policy Number
Bylaws of the Olympic College Board of Trustees 100-01
Standing Orders of the Board of Trustees 100-02
Legislative Matters and the Board of Trustees 100-04
Olympic College Seal Design and Use 100-05
Acceptance of Certain Classes of Gifts 100-06
Award of Tenure 100-07
Naming of Olympic College Facilities 100-08
Naming of Olympic College Facilities with regard to the Olympic College Foundation and Fund Solicitation 100-09
Board of Trustees Code of Ethics 100-11
Board of Trustees Self Evaluation Commitment 100-12
Support for Student Achievement 100-13

200: General College Operations

Policy Name Policy Number
SEPA 200-01
Rental of Olympic College Facilities 200-02
First Amendment Activities 200-03
Release of Sex Offender Information 200-04
Grievance Procedure 200-05
Children on Campus 200-06
Smoking on Campus 200-07
Life Threatening Illness 200-08
Use of Facilities 200-09
Adjudicative Proceedings 200-10
This policy has been rescinded 200-11
Policy Standards 200-12
Animal Control Policy 200-13
Suspended Operation Policy 200-14
Course Materials Cost Savings Policy 200-15
Parking Policy 200-16
Acceptable Use Policy 200-17
Identity Theft Prevention Policy 200-18
Non-Discrimination Policy 200-19
Sexual Harassment Policy 200-20
Use of Force Policy 200-21
Acts of Hate - Bias Policy 200-22
College Hours 200-23
Lost and Found  200-24
Copyright Policy 200-25
Commercial Activity 200-26

300: Student Services

Policy Name Policy Number
Student Conduct Code 300-01
Policy for Serving Students with Disabilities 300-02
Procedure for Assessing Services 300-02
This policy has been rescinded 300-03
Refund of Student Development Services Fee 300-04
Admissions and Registration 300-05
Scholarships 300-06
FERPA 300-07

400: Personnel

Policy Name Policy Number
Prohibition of Drugs 400-01
Employment Contract: Administrative Staff 400-02
Alternative Work Schedule Policy 400-04
Employee Ethics Policy 400-05
Affirmative Action 400-06
Domestic Violence in the Workplace Policy 400-07
Intellectual Property for Non-Academic Employees 400-08
Vacation Leave 400-09

500: Instruction

Policy Name Policy Number
Addition of Courses to the Curriculum 500-01
Deletion of Courses from the Curriculum 500-02
Credit Hour Policy 500-03

600: Financial Operations

Policy Name Policy Number
Withholding Services for Outstanding Debt 600-01
Tuition and Fee Waiver Policy 600-02
Tuition and Fee Waivers for Classified State Employees 600-03
Course and Lab Fee 600-04
Tuition and Fee Refund 600-05
Procurement Policy for Recycled Products 600-06
Debt Policy 600-07
Financial Reserve Policy 600-08
Cash Management Policy 600-09    
Inexhaustible Collections Policy 600-10

700: Institutional Advancement

Policy Name Policy Number
This policy has been rescinded 700-01
Publications 700-02
Public Records 700-03