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Phi Theta Kappa Chapter

Beta Gamma Eta Chapter

At the Beta Gamma Eta chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, we combine scholarly endeavors, social activities, and community service to encourage creativity and stimulate the minds of the members of our chapter. Here, we are devoted to personal enrichment and academic achievements to foster life-long learning. At the Beta Gamma Eta chapter, we are here to have fun, build friendships and define our place within the college campus and the local community.

A member of the Beta Gamma Eta chapter can take pride in knowing that they are developing skills that will help them throughout their lives, while utilizing resources that will enhance their future and personal success. Here, we make a difference, whether it is by raising money for local charities, engaging in service activities on campus or in the community, or promoting fellowship among fellow Olympic College students; we know that we are making an effort to not just better ourselves, but to better the lives of those around us, through the campus as well as the community.

Phi Theta Kappa members are easy to spot: they are hard-working individuals always striving for the best within themselves. They are proactive, goal-oriented people who love conquering new challenges. Phi Theta Kappa members are very active in all aspects of their lives and usually participate in multiple activities. Some are athletes, musicians, artists, parents, journalists, dancers, actors, or participants in various other on and off-campus activities. You can find a Phi Theta Kappan anywhere, including in you.

Phi Theta Kappa is the oldest International Honor Society for two-year colleges, and the largest honor society for higher education in the United States. The goal of this organization is to encourage scholastic achievements as well as personal growth and development among two-year college students. Phi Theta Kappa uses a combination of Leadership, Honors and Service programs and activities to help stimulate growth and opportunity, while also encouraging fellowship among organization members and the community. Phi Theta Kappa opens many doors, which aids in success and future achievements in the lives of its members.

Our Purpose

We are an organization devoted to being the best we can be. Being a member of Phi Theta Kappa is an honor offered only to students with the finest scholastic achievement record. Being a member offers many advantages that you will carry through the rest of your life. Phi Theta Kappa is an organization for which you will be proud to be a member of, not just for the prestige and accomplishment for qualifying, but also because of the personal satisfaction and enrichment that the organization offers. Through participation in the various activities offered, you will develop new skills while helping to give back to the college campus and community through our continued philanthropy. Experiences like these will not only prove to be very rewarding, but will often uncover a side of yourself you had yet to discover. Just remember, Phi Theta Kappa does not create leaders, but rather helps to provide the tools to unleash the leader within all of us.

About the Beta Gamma Eta Chapter

The Beta Gamma Eta chapter at Olympic College is an active chapter that works hard to support Phi Theta Kappa, the Olympic College campus, and surrounding communities. We are active in fundraising, charity drives, encouraging fellowship among college students, taking leadership roles on and off campus, continuing our education and scholarly endeavors, and above all, we are committed to having fun.

The Beta Gamma Eta chapter is a 5-Star Chapter, and has been nearly every year since our chapter was first founded. We maintain our status by continually encouraging membership, active participation in Regional and International studies and activities, partnering with the college campus for a year-long Comprehensive Service Project, participating in other philanthropic activities, and achieving all of the expectations set before our chapter.

The Beta Gamma Eta chapter has seven officers, including a Chapter President, a Treasurer, a VP of Service, an Alumni Assistant Advisor, a VP of Public Relations, and a VP of IT and Design. The chapter is also accompanied by a Chapter Advisor to help facilitate our activities and meet our goals and deadlines. Each of the chapter VP's tackle one of the four hallmarks of Phi Theta Kappa: Leadership, Service, Scholarship and Fellowship. These VP's help coordinate and facilitate various activities that coincide with each hallmark and ensure that the chapter is on track for fulfilling the expectations of these hallmarks.

Every year Phi Theta Kappa donates their time into helping the community. Whether it’s gathering clothes and toys for the local shelter or providing families with a Thanksgiving meal, we are proud to help serve our community.

Throughout the school year, we here in Phi Theta Kappa organize and offer volunteer opportunities for members and non-members alike to help out our local communities in need. We always appreciate new volunteers who can donate some of their time to help out.

For new and upcoming events, please check out our Calendar of Events below.

To see photos from our past fund raisers, visit our Facebook page!

Why should you volunteer?

Volunteering is a great way to get to know your community. Through volunteering you get to experience new things, see new places in your community and meet new people! Volunteering isn’t hard, and every little bit helps to make our community a cleaner, happier and healthier place for everyone to live in. Plus, volunteering can be loads of fun! You never know who you might meet or what you may find. Also, volunteer service looks great on a resume ;)

FALL 2014

Learn more about member benefits and Phi Theta Kappa programs and activities by attending a New Member Orientation Meeting for Fall 2014. All students interested in Phi Theta Kappa membership are welcome. Come to a session that is convenient to you and get your questions about membership answered.

Our scheduled days for the Orientation are:

  • Wednesday, November 12: 2-3 pm
  • Friday, November 14: 2-3 pm

Look for membership invitations in your mail, they should arrive any day now! Don't miss your invitation if you are eligible to join.

Project Thanksgiving: Nov. 1-Nov.21

Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings and holiday meals - for sharing and spreading happiness. A time to be thankful for the people, experiences, and gifts we receive in our lives. Unfortunately, there are some people who have a tougher situation than we do. In hopes of helping these families this Holiday Season, Phi Theta Kappa is once again gathering donations for Project Thanksgiving. We hope to give a full Thanksgiving dinner to as many families as we can during these difficult times. No matter how large or how small, all donations help, and your contributions will provide a Thanksgiving Feast for a family in need.

Donations include all canned and non-perishable foods, such as cranberry sauce, stuffing, marshmallows, canned fruits, canned vegetables and more. No donations in glass containers please. Help a family in need this Holiday Season, please donate at any of our Donation Boxes around the Olympic College Campus.

Donation Box Locations:

  • PTK Office BSC 115
  • Mr. Robertson's Office ST 111
  • Child Care Center
  • HSS Service Desk

Monetary Donations Accepted in the Cashier's Office in the HSS

Please visit any of our Phi Theta Kappa Officers in Bremer Student Center Room 115 if you have questions

Chapter Advisor:
Donald Robertson

Tracy Manogue

VP of Leadership:
Ekaterina Berulava

VP of Scholarship:

Communications Officer:
Michelle Farr

Brandon Connor

Phi Theta Kappa Officer Opportunities

Becoming a Phi Theta Kappa officer is a wonderful way to meet new people and gain valuable leadership experience. Our Chapter currently has vacant officer positions available on all of the Olympic College campuses. Please contact us via email at PhiThetaKappa@olympic.edu or visit us at our office in the BSC room 115. There you can find the New Officer form to fill out before becoming a Phi Theta Kappa Officer.


Minimum Requirements

Olympic College Phi Theta Kappa applicants must have completed a minimum of 15 college credits, with a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher. All applicants must submit a completed Membership Application, Profile Form, unofficial copy of their college transcript, and a copy of the receipt for a membership fee of $80, which should be paid to the Olympic College cashier. The $80 fee is a one-time charge that pays for each member's International Dues, Regional Dues, and Chapter Fees. To get this information please either view the Resources section below, Contact us via email PhiThetaKappa@olympic.edu , or come in and ask one of our Chapter Officers in BSC 115.

If You Are Eligible to Join

At the beginning of each Spring and Fall quarter, names of eligible members are compiled onto a list. The list is then checked for current and alumni member names. Once this is completed the letters are mailed. Since mainly Beta Gamma Eta officers and members, instead of computers, accomplish this task, mistakes are made. Some current members receive invitation letters and members who are eligible are mistaken for current members. This is either because the first and last names are the same, including the middle initial, or because we have made an error. You may submit your application materials prior to receiving an invitation mailer if you already qualify and wish to join.

The letters invite eligible members to an orientation, which takes about one half hour. At the orientation there is a short DVD Presentation given. Eligible members have the opportunity to ask questions. So please either come to the orientation or stop by our office in BSC 115 for more information. Learn more about the upcoming orientations by looking at our calendar of events above.

If you have any questions or cannot attend one the orientations please feel free to email us at PhiThetaKappa@olympic.edu.

What Happens Once You Join

Once a person joins Phi Theta Kappa, they will receive a certificate, membership card and Phi Theta Kappa pin. Membership in Phi Theta Kappa is lifelong. When a person graduates from Olympic College, they will immediately become an Alumni and may participate in Alumni activities. If a person transfers to another college with a Phi Theta Kappa chapter, they will automatically be eligible to participate in member activities as an active member of their new college's chapter.

What Happens if Your GPA Drops After Joining

Olympic College requires a cumulative GPA of 3.25 to maintain active member status. If a member were to fall below this required GPA, they would have a one-quarter probationary period to raise their GPA. If the member were still unable to raise their GPA after their probationary period, that person would be reduced to inactive status and be unable to participate in any Phi Theta Kappa events or access Phi Theta Kappa benefits until they are able to meet the required GPA requirements.

New Member and Officer Forms

  • New Membership Form 
    New Membership and Officer Forms are located at our office in the Bremer Student Center in room 115. If you cannot come during office hours a small stack of New Membership and Officer Forms will be kept right outside the office.

Phi Theta Kappa International Links


PTK scholarships can be found at the Phi Theta Kappa Scholarship page.

Some school specific scholarships can be found at College Fish (log in with your Phi Theta Kappa account) and theWashBoard.org.

Don’t forget to fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) here!

Graduation Information

Phi Theta Kappa offers a variety of gradation accessories for its members including stoles, tassels, honors chords and medallions. As a PTK member your will receive a packet that offers these accessories or you can view these items on the Phi Theta Kappa International Store.

Please Note: Only the Honors Tassel and stole are allowed by Olympic College regulations to be worn during the graduation ceremony.