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Student Clubs


Welcome to OC's Club Page

Joining a club can make your college life brilliant and fun

Some benfits of being a club member include:

  • Developing your talent
  • Improving your social skills
  • Having a chance to be a leader
  • Make new friends

Do you want to start or join in a new club?

If you are already here at Olympic College, head over to OrgSync to get started today. Otherwise, contact Club Advisor or President via their email below. Feel free to stop by the Student Government Office in BSC 118 for help with getting started. Student Government of Olympic College (ASOC) is here for you!

  • Files for Club Activities
  • Club Charter (Start a new club)Sample Club Constitution
  • Club Quarterly Update for the existed clubs

Fund Raising for Club

2014-2015 CLUBS

2015-2016 clubs are currently being chartered and their information will be up soon.


To expand the experience and artistic opportunities of the ceramic student, Olympic College community and alumni, generate income for club activities, and increase visibility of the college program.

  • President: Karen Mittet  occlayclub@yahoo.com
  • Advisor: Marie Weichman  mweichman@olympic.edu
  • Meetings:
    • Mondays & Wednesdays - open studio 6:00-9:00pm in ART 134.
    • First Friday of each month - 12:00PM in ART 134



To allow students a chance to improve their programming skills and expand their programming portfolio.


To write creatively, come together to talk about it and develop our craft together.



To learn ballroom dance styling, techniques, floor craft, how to communicate with their partners by using their dance frames, dance terminology, principles of social politeness and to be respectful of each others boundaries in a positive and enjoyable way.


Encounter Outreach Club consists of student who loves Jesus Christ and want to reach out to the Olympic College student body with God's love so they can encounter God.


Promote awareness of the engineering profession and to assist members with professional developments as well as the Olympic College community.



To be involved with Olympic College, meet people with similar interests and have something to do during their free time.


To help teach equality, acceptance, openmindedness and planned parenthood resources.


Provide international and American students a venue to discuss a variety of topics and to learn about each other's culture through fun activities.


To bring together students interested in photography, whether a pro or just starting out.



To provide a community outreach that enhances the development of communication skills with student-faculty mediators. To include intercampus communication that will enrich public communication through creativity, education and research.  Will also provide individual and team building skills that will benefit an in individual's public communication.


Social gaming - primarily magic, but are open to most any social games including monopoly, chess, munchkin and almost any other collectible card games.