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Welcome to OC's Club Page

Joining a club can make your college life brilliant and fun

Some benfits of being a club member include:

  • Developing your talent
  • Improving your social skills
  • Having a chance to be a leader
  • Make new friends

Do you want to start or join in a new club?

If you are already here at Olympic College, head over to OrgSync to get started today. Otherwise, contact Club Advisor or President via their email below. Feel free to stop by the Student Government Office in BSC 118 for help with getting started. Student Government of Olympic College (ASOC) is here for you!

  • Files for Club Activities
  • Club Charter (Start a new club)Sample Club Constitution
  • Club Quarterly Update for the existed clubs

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2015-2016 CLUBS


The OC's Programming Club is for students looking to enhance their technical and interpersonal skills. Members will get an opportunity to create apps, games and other software that is completely student lead.


The Engineering Club is defined as a diverse group of students who develop professional skills by working together to achieve educational and club goals, establish connections, and share knowledge. It is also a club where people can communicate together and form friendships.



We are the OC gaming club. We encourage students having fun while also developing themselves being active in their school.


Events and activities with people from various cultures coming together to create new friendships. Sports events, cooking competition and other events. We want to build a space that allows everyone to be comfortable expressing their unique culture and outlook.


We are a community that loves to play any and all table top games such as chess, monopoly, and MTG. Our club offers a place for students to come together and either play these games to relax from school, or to test their skills and play competitively against other students. Some come in take a seat and make your first move!


We believe the kendama hobby provides a space that cures boredom without technology. Our club hosts a place where advanced, beginner, and any kendama-experience-level player can grow and build connections.


Who We Are 
We are the students and educators who believe that he contribution made by Africans in the building and shaping America structurally and financially can not go unnoticed. Through the blood, sweat and tears the African American people and it diverse cultures should be celebrated.

What We Do 
Through public forums, engagements, meetings, and event we want to showcase the accomplishments of both African, American and Caribbean people have done and are still doing, not just singing and dancing but contributions through math, science, astrology, and so on. We want to facilitate an understanding of "Black Culture" in America.

Our Mission 
To encourage all students and people regardless of race, color, creed, ethnic origins and backgrounds to develop and deeper understanding, knowledge and appreciation of African, American, and Caribbean culture and nation.

President:  Shannon Turner shannonturner@student.olympic.edu
Advisor:  Pauline Carlton pcarlton@olympic.edu
Meetings: Thursdays 3:30 pm ENG 117 (The Rotunda)


Hello, ASL clubs purpose is to be actively involved in the Deaf community, but also to bring together both the Deaf community and hearing community together as one. We strive to bring awareness not only to our students but to the community about the Deaf culture. The main purpose of our club is to have fun as a group, also to learn something new everyday. pleas feel free to join our Facebook page down at the boom there is a a like to the page.

President:  Christopher Hill christopherhill@olympic.edu
Advisor:  Elliott Meril melliott@olympic.edu
Meetings: Tuesday 12:00 PM right now we will be meeting in the Hss building third floor by merils office. will post if this changes


We are a chess club designed for all level of play, from new to experienced players. Our purpose is to spread the knowledge of chess as well as promote both competitive and recreational play. If you want to play a friendly game of chess, meet new people, or show off your knowledge of the game, we invite you to join us every week on Thursday from 12pm to 1pm. See you there!

President: Timothy W Jones  timothyjones@student.olympic.edu
Advisor:  Jason Heinze  jheinze@olympic.edu
Meetings: Thursday from 12pm to 1pm Room TBA


The OCUC serves as an avenue for those interested in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to learn the regulations and technical aspects of safe and responsible UAV operation. We hope to create increasingly more complex UAVs for education, entertainment and competition.

President: Jarrad Stone jarradstone@student.olympic.edu
Advisor:  Douglas S. Beck dbeck@olympic.edu
Meetings: Tuesday 6:30 PM  SHP-103


OWC exists to create opportunities for the Olympic College community to explore and learn about nature and the great outdoors. Providing outdoor group activities will allow members to experience all that Washington State has to offer. OWC will teach outdoor skills and develop ethical outdoor habits. This will provide better understand of nature, respect our resources, and the promotion of stewardship for future generations.

President: Jarrad Stone jarradstone@student.olympic.edu
Advisor:  Michael Emanuel memanuel@olympic.edu
Meetings: Tuesday and Thursday 10:00 AM Library basement


wrestling club for all to join and wrestle, practice and possibly compete!

President: Luke Daniel lukedaniel@olympic.student.edu
Advisor:  Shawn Triplett striplett@olympic.edu
Meetings: Friday

Networking club-will be a group designed for the sole purpose to enhance the capabilities of the IT division of oc .Methods to promote a better understanding of IT will include educational field trips and hardware examples.

President:Stafford R Carter Staffordcarter@student.olympic.edu
Advisor:  Richard Becker rbecker@olympic.edu
Meetings: Tuesday 3:30 PM Tech100

all things photography

President: christopher samford christophersamford@student.olympic.edu
Advisor:  laurie usher  lusher@olympic.edu
Meetings: Monday 3:45 PM Tech 200

The Olympic College Gay Straight Alliance (GSA). Meetings are every Thursdays, in Art 122B! The group is welcome to ALL LGBTQA+ students AND staff AND their allies. Always a safe place to be!

President: Rowan Sullivan christinasullivan@student.olympic.edu
Advisor: James Estrella jestrella@olympic.edu
Meetings: Thursdays, in Art 122B

President: Tai Nguyen tnguyen2@olympic.edu
Advisor: Hideko Lyle  hlyle@olympic.edu

Welcome to the Olympic College Electronics Club page.
We exist to provide a means for students to explore electronics theory and application.
Our hope is to provide a safe, supportive, and entertaining environment for both hobbyists and professionals alike.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.

President: Jarrad Stone jarradstone@student.olympic.edu 
Advisor: Craig Seybold eseybold@olympic.edu
Meeting: Wednesday 12:00 PM TEC-114