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Multicultural and Student Programs

Why you should visit the Multicultural Center

It's nice to have a place on campus where someone says "hi" every time you walk in and "goodbye" when you leave. It sounds simple, but that's not easy to find in a place where everyone is busy and working on their own things.

It's a community of students facilitated by the Multicultural and Student Programs staff. Students in the center are encouraged to help each other and share their knowledge.

It's a place to hang out and relax

The lounge area of the Multicultural Center is a great place to talk with friends or make new ones. Plus, the couches are pretty comfortable.

There's plenty to do while you hang out

Sitting in a lounge is great and all, but there are also games and books to help you relax. The Multicultural Center also hosts monthly cultural activities that you can do to de-stress from studying.

It's a place to make music

Students have donated instruments over years, and they're all available for students to use. Students can be heard playing the guitar, piano or ukulele and singing while relaxing in the MSC lounge. The friendly environment in the center creates a comfortable environment for expert and novice players alike.

It's not just a place to play

The center also has a study room for groups or individuals who want a place to crack a book, work on a project, or meet with a friend. Some people work better in a noisy environment, like the ability to move around and want to meet in large groups that don't fit in other study areas on campus.

The study area is utilized for cultural presentations by the Office of International Education and every student is welcome to use the space to share what they learn at leadership conferences.

It's a place to learn and work

  • Tutoring - The center offers math tutoring during the fall, winter and spring quarters. *For Spring Quarter, our math tutor's hours are: Mondays 12-2 pm, Tuesdays 9-1 pm, and Thursdays 8-10 am and 12-2 pm.*
  • Computers - The computers are for students to use for school work or to pass some time. After logging in with your student account you can use Microsoft Office, or surf the web!
  • Advice - Sometimes you need help figuring out how to be successful in college, and the cut-and-dry answers you get from offices around campus don't always cut it. The students and staff in the Multicultural Center have a wealth of knowledge and experience they can share.

It's a place to "expand your world views"

Events offered by MSP encourage involvement in extra and co-curricular activities by providing campus-wide educational, cultural, social and recreational activities designed to enhance the college experience and encourage academic success. Click the links below to see what events and activities are happening!

Cultural and Student Leadership Conferences
Kitsap County Human Rights Conference South Puget Sound Higher Education Diversity Partnership Institute Students of Color Conference
Friday, December 4th, 2015 Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016 Thursday-Saturday, April 21st - 23rd, 2016
kitsapgov.com plu.edu mssdc.com
Following a cross-burning incident in 1989, the conference was formed to celebrate and showcase individual differences.
The conference is a chance for college students and staff from around the state to come together to share their experiences.

This conference will challenge your understanding of cultural identity and broaden your cultural awareness.