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Associated Students of Olympic College

2014 ASOC Bremerton Team

Be A Leader

Representing our student constituency through governing, program planning, and working collaboratively with the Olympic College Administration to address issues that facilitate Student Success and Development.

As per the ASOC Constitution Preamble:

"We, the Associated Students of Olympic College, assume the privilege and responsibility of self-government in order to initiate and promote opportunities for students' involvement in matters of concern to the student body. We will equally, fairly, and justly represent the needs and best interests of the students with regard to personal, social, educational, and cultural orientation and development. We vow to further enhance student relations by positive participation and self-government. Our job is to effectively function in the most productive, responsible and cooperative atmosphere with the administration, college president, board of trustees, and the community at large. With these statements, we hereby ordain and establish this constitution and its by-laws."

Check out the Constitution for more information regarding rules and procedures of the ASOC:

201314Revised Constitution.docx

Student Services Fee Election Coming November 17-21

Your student government, Associated Students of Olympic College, has placed an initiative up for a decision by you the students. The Student Services Fee was established by a vote of the students over 15 years ago. This fee is set at $1 per credit for up to 10 credits so the maximum you can be charged is $10 per quarter. The fee helps to cover the cost of academic advising, coaching, the student handbook, and the Students in Need Group (SING). This fee has not increased in 15 years and costs have continued to increase. At this time the revenue collected does not cover the costs of the services provided by advising, coaching, and SING. These are all valuable services to students that help with student success. For this reason, the proposal you are voting on is to increase the fee to $2.00 per credit for up to 10 credits for a maximum of $20 per quarter.

Along with maintaining current services, we will also be able to provide additional support to students and programs, including.

  • Provide a part-time advisor focused on veterans and their families. This position will work closely with the Veterans Benefits office and the Veterans and Military Support Center.
  • Provide funding for the Veterans and Military Support Center for programs and to maintain and update the Center.
  • Provide additional support to the SING program. The SING program provides services to over 3,000 students per year. Services include book lending, food, referral to community resources, assistance in finding programs, and any help a student may need. This service is provided by one person working half-time on it. It would benefit by providing extra support to the program.
  • Provide funding to the Testing and Assessment Center so it can continue to provide make-up testing, services for students who need accommodations, and maintain its current hours.

Starting November 17 at 12:00 am and through November 21 at 5:00 pm, you will be able to vote yes or no at https://apps.olympic.edu/StudentElections/

We are located in the BSC Room 118.

Stop by and let us know how we can best represent YOU.