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Institutional Research Planning, and Assessment

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Research Planning and Assessment

Our goals are to serve the college community by being:

  1. Proactive in facilitating a collaborative vision in how information about programs and activities at the college can be collected and shared, so that decision-making processes lead to enhanced student learning experiences
  2. Responsive to a range of OC needs for (a) information, (b) interpretation of results, and (c) capacity building related to the collection, interpretation, and use of data to answer critical questions related to institutional effectiveness from the program and college level to external constituents.

Institutional Effectiveness is defined by the OC Mission / Values, Comprehensive Plan, & Core Themes.

The office provides:

Leadership in formulating policies and procedures related to data management, research, and assessment at the college

Support for the coordination and development of outcomes assessment activities and reporting

Information for decision-making, planning and other purposes to the college community; fulfilling reporting needs to governmental, regulatory, and funding entities; and serving the information needs of the external community



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