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Related Responsibilities

Olympic College has clear protocols for assigning related responsibilities to teaching academic employees; these protocols reflect the mission and goals of the institution. All teaching academic employees have a job description that is found in Appendix B-4, Section 2.2 of the Olympic College Collective Bargaining Agreement. The job description divides the duties into two kinds, Essential and Related. Faculty are expected to perform all required duties and to select related duties from the list as befits their talents, interests, and the needs of the department and division. In addition, faculty members may choose other activities that support the mission and goals of the institution in addition to those listed. All of the listed responsibilities are directly linked to the mission and goals of Olympic College and provide faculty with several ways to participate in meeting that mission and those goals.

At the beginning of every Fall Quarter, all full-time teaching academic employees are required to submit their related responsibilities for the year to their Dean. This process has been in place since related responsibilities were added to the contract in 2006. The academic Deans evaluate each faculty member’s list of related responsibilities and determine if all necessary work is covered for each discipline and for the Division and the College as a whole. Faculty who indicate less of a commitment to related responsibilities are required by their Dean to add additional responsibilities in order to achieve equity among all faculty.

Deans transmit their division's related responsibilities information to the Office of the Vice President of Instruction, where all information for all full-time academic faculty members is combined. This list is reviewed by all academic deans, the Vice President for Instruction, and the President of the Association for Higher Education (AHE). To see the 2010-2011 list of related responsibilities, contact Gloria Martin or Athena Higgins.