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Frequently Asked Questions

See the Payday Schedule link at the left.

Effective December 10, 2012 all pay checks are mailed to the employee’s address of record and effective January 10, 2013 direct deposit of your pay check is required.    Make sure to maintain your current address with the Payroll and Human Resources Offices.

Direct deposit is required!

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) forms can be obtained at the Payroll Office (CSC203) or on-line. Once the form has been submitted to the Payroll Office you will receive your next payment as a check which is mailed to your address of record listed on the EFT form and any following payments will be direct deposit.

The W-4 has a very complete worksheet attached; our office will assist in completing the form, but will not advise.

The W-4 is available outside the Payroll Office (CSC203).  You may also view the W-4 online.

A copy of your W-2 may be obtained from the payroll office, a copy will be accepted by the IRS.

Earnings Statements can be obtained on-line by accessing the Employee Earnings History.

Effective December 10, 2012 payday, all employee paychecks will be mailed the day prior to the pay date.  Pay checks will no longer be picked up at the Payroll Office.

Check to see if you have completed a W-4, if you have it may need to be revised especially if you are a part-time employee and being paid on a monthly schedule.

Student employees are exempt from this deduction.

Note: student wages are also exempt from filing for unemployment.