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Web Accessibility Checklist

Screen reader accessibility:

  • Does the page use structural elements such as headings effectively?
  • Can all links, navigational elements, and controls be accessed using the keyboard?
  • Does link text provide a reasonable description of the link target?

PDFs, graphics, timed response:

  • Are ALT tags present and sufficiently equivalent to the graphic content?
  • Is there a non-animated presentation of the information when animation is used to convey content?
  • Is information in PDF available either as tagged PDF or in other more accessible formats?
  • If a page requires a timed response, can users request more time? (I believe this will be dependent on the LMS. Not sure it is an element we can evaluate at this meeting.)

Color and audio:

  • Does the site avoid conveying meaning with color alone?
  • Is there sufficient contrast between text and background?
  • Is multimedia content captioned (or if audio only, transcribed)?
  • Is there multimedia that needs audio description?

Universal Design:

  • Uses multiple means of representation.
  • Uses multiple means of engagement.
  • Uses multiple means of expression.

Forms, frames, and tables:

  • Are form elements explicitly associated with labels?
  • Are frames appropriately titled?
  • Are data tables marked up as required?


  • Is flickering content avoided?
  • Is the page functional when scripts are disabled?
  • Is the page functional when style sheets are disabled?
  • Does the page pass HTML validation?