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Veteran Tuition Waivers

Information on tuition waivers for veterans. 

  • 50% discount of tuition for the first ten credits for honorably discharged eligible veterans or national guard members who served in foreign conflicts or in support of foreign conflicts; Documentation required: DD214, page 4, showing award of applicable campaign medal service and domiciled in Washington State
  • 10% discount of tuition for the first ten credits for those who did not serve in foreign conflicts or in support of foreign conflicts, and for all other types of discharge for veterans or national guard members. Documentation required: DD214, page 4 and domiciled in Washington State.

"Honorably discharged eligible veterans or national guard members" definition:

  • Character of Services contains the single word, 'Honorable'
  • Domiciled resident of Washington State, and
  • Service as an active or reserve member of the United States military or naval forces, or a national guard member called to active duty, and
  • Service under either Title 10 or Title 32 of the United States Code, in a war or conflict fought on foreign soil or in international waters or in another location in support of those serving on foreign soil or in international waters.

Contact the staff in the Veterans Services Office for questions regarding veteran waivers.

Veteran Dependents 100% Tuition Waiver for dependents of deceased, disabled, missing in action or prisoner of war veterans

Eligibility:  A child or surviving spouse of an eligible veteran or national guard member who 1) became totally disabled as defined in RCW 28B.15.385; or 2) who lost his/her life while engaged in active federal military or naval service; or 3) who is determined by the federal government to be a prisoner of war or missing in action.

Qualifying Criteria:  The student must be domiciled in the state of Washington in order to qualify for the waiver.

Documentation:  To determine eligibility, the student must provide a letter (Certificate of Eligibility) from the Department of Veterans Affairs authorizing dependents benefits.  This is addressed to the dependent student and usually:

  • States the date the veteran became totally disabled for VA purposes;
  • States the date of the VA letter informing the veteran of VA's decision that he or she is permanently and totally disabled due to service-connected disabilities;
  • Instructs dependent students to choose their beginning date of eligibility as either one of those dates or any date between those two dates

A Certificate of Eligibility may also be issued in a different format than above, but would provide similar information.

Please provide the Certificate of Eligibility to the Veterans' Services Office at your early convenience.  Should OC require any further documentation to determine eligibility we will let students know.