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Reasons for Delay of Benefits

Top reasons for a delay in receiving payment

The student has not reported the schedule of classes to the Veterans’ Services office (VSO).  This must be done before every quarter. Acceptable ways to provide the schedule:

  • Bring a copy (printed from OASIS) to the VSO
  • Email the schedule as an attachment to veteranservices@olympic.edu
  • Fax to 360-475-7564

Military and other previous educational transcripts have not been evaluated by the OC transcript department and/or the VSO has not received a copy of the evaluation. Before the VSO can certify classes beyond the third quarter of attendance, all military and previous college transcripts must be evaluated by the Olympic College transcript office. Since the process may take several weeks, requests to have transcripts sent to Olympic College should begin as soon as possible.

The student has enrolled in classes that are not required in order to graduate from the student's declared degree program.

The student did not verify enrollment via the touch tone (1-877-823-2378) or WAVE (http://www.gibill.va.gov/) method at the end of each month.

Important note on dropping classes:

If a student withdraws from or drops a class or classes after quarterly certification and does not report these changes to the VSO, pay may still be received for classes that are not being attended. When verifying, if verification reflects a higher level of attendance than actual enrollment please make a correction. Otherwise, incorrect verification will result in an overpayment situation with the VA and future benefits will be affected.

As always, contact our office or the VA if you have any questions or concerns.