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Other Benefits & Information for Veterans

Vocational Rehabilitation Program

Veterans, or service-members pending separation from military service for medical causes, may be eligible for VA Vocational Rehabilitation benefits if they incurred or aggravated a service-connected disability on or after September 16, 1940. The disability must be such that it entitles them to VA disability compensation, and they must be in need of vocational rehabilitation because the disability causes an employment handicap which has not been overcome by education or training.  Contact the VA regional office in Seattle at (206) 220-6186 or the Disabled American Veterans office in Bremerton at (360) 782-9858.

VA Work-Study Program

This program is available to students using VA education benefits or Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits and attending school three-quarter to full-time. Individuals utilizing this program must work in a capacity where they assist veterans. Examples of areas in which VA Work-study students may work include; School Veterans Services Office, VA Regional Office, VA Medical Facilities, or at approved State Employment Offices. Work-study students are paid either at the State or Federal Minimum wage, whichever is greater.  Contact the Veterans Services office for further information.

VA Work-Study Application (PDF)

Department of Veterans Affairs www.va.gov
Department of Veterans Affairs Educational Services Homepage www.gibill.va.gov
Veterans Benefits Administration www.vba.va.gov


As always, contact our office or the VA if you have any questions or concerns.