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Benefits & Responsibilities

Benefits Responsibilities
Clarify your goals Identify an eligible worksite
Apply classroom learning in a professional setting Complete the required co-op forms and assessments
Work with the technology and procedures of the workplace Adhere to all standard requirements of the employer
Build your professional network and resume Enroll in the Co-op Seminar (first term work experience only)
Get feedback on your professional skills Maintain frequent communication with faculty advisor


Benefits Responsibilities
Recruit motivated employees with current training Offer experience that is directly related to the student's career goals
Use the flexibility and diversity of interns to meet your needs Provide opportunities for new learning and skill development
Participate in the planning and support of the college curriculum A worksite supervisor must be available and willing to train, supervise, and evaluate the student, and to communicate with the college faculty advisor
Expand your resources for the assessment and support of potential employees  


Benefits Responsibilities
Enrich curriculum and assessment opportunities Work with the student and the Cooperative Education Office to determine worksite eligibly
Strengthen partnerships with regional employers and agencies Work with the student to develop learning objectives
Improve employment opportunities for graduates Maintain communication with the worksite supervisor
Build opportunities for integrating workplace skill standards across the curriculum  

Benefits Responsibilities
Facilitate collaboration with and between diverse instructional programs and faculty Coordinate the work experience and provide administrative support services as needed
Expanded partnerships with regional employers and agencies Upon request, assist in efforts to resolve any difficulties that might arise
Improved employment opportunities for graduates Maintain liaison between the college and the host organization