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Computer Labs

Olympic College supports 100+ computer labs at its various locations including the main (Bremerton) campus, the Poulsbo campus, the Shelton campus, and the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard (PSNS). Students with valid accounts are welcomed to the resources available in the labs. More than 650 computers and over 200 applications are supported on the instructional network.

Several types of computing environments are provided on the main campus as well as at various branch sites.

Copyright, Licenses and Acceptable Use

Students must follow copyright, software license terms of use and acceptable use policies. Please see the Extended Rules & Policies for more on these requirements. 

Note about saving files in computer labs:

Most of the computer labs are equipped with a program called Deepfreeze (with the exception of a few specialty labs). This program prevents the computer configurations from being permanently changed. For this reason, do not save to the desktop or to My Documents; files saved in these locations will be erased upon the next reboot of the computer. Files can be stored in the following locations: 3 1/2 floppy A: (disk), USB Removable Flash Drives (Thumb Drives or Jump Drives), CD (if in a lab with this capability), Drive Z: (this is your network folder; this drive is not accessible by any other student), and Drive T: (this is a space on the local computer; however, this location is accessible by anyone that uses the computer and is cleaned every quarter). If you have any questions about what labs have Deepfreeze on them contact the IT Help Desk at (360) 475-7600 or email helpdesk@olympic.edu