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SBCDC Cost and Payment

Below is the cost breakdown for each classroom:

Billing Information For Private Paying Families: Families of returning or continuing children must pay for one third of the coming quarter’s child care costs before one week prior to the start of the new quarter or summer session. New families must pay one third of the coming quarter’s child care costs before the first day of their child(ren)’s attendance.

Billing Information for Families Receiving Assistance From a Third Party Payer: Families must provide written assurance from an eligible third party (e.g. an Award Letter from DSHS) that the third party will cover the family’s child care expenses. Families must pay their first co-payment, or one third of the remaining costs for child care on or before the child’s first day of attendance.

-- See billing timeline.

Within 48 hours of receiving your registration you will receive an invoice notifying you of payment owed. The invoice will be sent to your email you provided at registration, or you may ask for a copy at the SBCDC reception desk. Payment will not be accepted until this invoice is ready.

Payments will be separated in three equal parts for the quarter's services.

Your first payment must by the deadline to guarantee your child's space. (Deadline to be announced. It is usually mid-September.) Families who miss the payment deadline may still be able to enroll their child for the Fall Quarter, but their spot will not be guaranteed.

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