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Student Parking Rules & Regulations

Student Parking--General Information

There are four (4) Student parking lots at the Olympic College main campus. These parking spaces are clearly posted and striped with white paint. Permits are required for anyone parking on campus (this includes students, employees, and visitors.)

Visitor permits can be obtained at HSS101 on the Bremerton Campus, or from Student Services on the Poulsbo and Shelton Campus.

Posted Faculty and Staff parking lots are striped and numbered with yellow paint.

Handicap spaces are appropriately signed and are available on Lincoln and 15th, in the S-1, S-4, F-3, F-4 and F-6 lots. Parking in these spaces require appropriate permits.

Carpool/Van pool spaces are appropriately signed, and available in S-1 and S-4 lots; parking in these spaces requires appropriate permits.  To apply for Carpool/Van Pool contact Kitsap Transit at 360-373-2877 or 1-800-501-RIDE. You can apply online at http://www.kitsaptransit.org/rider-resources/smart-commuter.

Open Parking after 4:00 p.m.: With the exception of Fire Lanes, Handicap and Carpool/Van pool spaces which are reserved 24 hrs. a day; there is open parking after 4:00pm during Fall, Winter and Spring quarters, and all day during Summer Quarter. This means that anyone can park in either Staff or Student parking during these periods.

Street parking is very limited and enforced by the City of Bremerton.  These spaces are parallel parking spaces along the curbing of 18th, 16th, Lincoln and Ohio.  Olympic College manages and enforces all other areas, including pull in parking stalls on 16th and angled parking stalls along Broadway, both of which require a valid Olympic  College parking decal, placard or permit at all times.  WATCH THE SIGNS ON THE CITY STREETS AND PAINTED CURBS/PAVEMENT TO AVOID BEING CITED.

Student Parking Regulations


Permits are required for all students wishing to park on campus. 

Olympic College parking permits may be obtained at Campus Safety in HSS101 on the Bremerton Campus, or at Student Services on the Poulsbo and Shelton Campuses.  

To obtain your parking permit, please bring:

  • OC Student ID (if you don't have one yet, state or government issued ID is fine.)
  • Valid vehicle registration (please check the expiration date before you come in.)
  • Proof of paid tuition (this is a copy of your schedule, or a receipt from the Cashier.)

Parking spaces

  • Student lots are posted with signs and striped with white paint.
  • Faculty and Staff lots are posted with signs and are striped and numbered with yellow paint.
  • Visitor spaces are posted with signs. These are also labeled with the appropriate time allowed for parking
  • Handicap spaces are posted with signs and are painted with an international symbol.
  • Carpool/Van pool spaces are posted with signs and painted with appropriate symbol.
  • Vehicles that are in violation of any part the Violations section ( listed below) will be cited.

Parking Citation Fines

Fines vary from $10.00 to $100.00 depending on the violation. All fees are paid through the Olympic College Cashier’s Office; either by mail or in person during normal business hours. If paying by mail, do not send cash!

Failure to pay fines will result in, but is not limited to: denial of subsequent registration at Olympic College, withholding of transcripts and the forwarding of vehicle/violation information to the State Department of Licensing.

Parking Citation Appeal

All persons have the right to appeal any parking citation withing five (5) working days of the inital citation date. To file an appeal, complete the Parking Appeal Form

The following are unacceptable grounds for appeal:

  • Unaware of the rules
  • Forgetfulness
  • Parking only for a short period
  • Failure to/or improper display of parking permit
  • Failure to notice signs


Vehicles will continue to be impounded if found to be blocking another vehicle or access, posing any potential threat to property or personal safety, restricting access to emergency vehicles or any reason seen as appropriate by the Campus Safety Supervisor.


Vehicles will be cited 24 hours-a-day year-round for, but not limited to, the following causes:

  • parking in a designated "no parking zone"
  • occupying more than one space
  • blocking or impeding traffic
  • violation of visitor parking (students are NOT considered visitors)
  • carpool violation (parking in a marked Car/Van pool spot without a visible, valid permit)
  • handicap/accessible parking violation (no placard visible)
  • parking in fire lane or traffic lane
  • parking on the grass, sidewalks, planting beds or prohibited areas
  • parking within the campus core without prior permission

In addition to the above conditions, the following will be enforced between 7:00am and 4:00pm Monday through Friday from the first day of September to the first day of Summer quarter:

  • parking in a faculty/staff lot or any assigned parking space
  • no visible student permit
  • back-in parking - (this includes ‘pull through’ parking) if your vehicle is facing the parking lot driving lane, you are "backed in"

Note: After 4:00pm students are allowed to park in Faculty/Staff lots.


  • Motorcycles and motorized bicycles are considered motor vehicles, and the parking violations listed above apply, in addition to:
    • Student operated motorcycles shall be parked only in a designated motorcycle parking area or within a parking space in a student lot
    • Motorcycles may not be driven on sidewalks, lawns or in the campus core.


The purpose of bicycle control is safety; and this aim will be achieved by keeping bicycles out of buildings, away from building exits and by parking them off of the sidewalks and in the racks that are provided. In addition:

  • Bicyclists must always yield to pedestrian traffic on campus;
  • Bicycles parked outside of appropriate racks are subject to impound by Security;
  • Bicycles are not allowed in buildings at any time.


  • For further information contact the Campus Safety/Parking Office at
  • Citation appeal information and re-issue of lost permits can be obtained from the Security/Parking Office in the Facilities Services Center.
  • Parking on city streets is subject to City of Bremerton ordinances.