Parking Citations

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Fines for parking violations: Citation Information

Parking Information

All vehicles parked on Olympic College property must be identified by an employee placard on display, student sticker properly affixed to the vehicle or visitor pass on the dashboard.  Registered students and employees are not permitted to use Visitors parking spaces without prior approval from Campus Safety.  Each level of placard/permit/pass allows the use of corresponding parking spaces.  Vehicle operators are responsible for ensuring their vehicle is registered with Campus Safety, properly identified and parked in accordance with OC Policy 200-16 and in compliance with all parking rules and regulations as provided and managed by the Director of Campus Safety.  We thank you in advance for parking in compliance with these requirements.

The Parking Office is a part of the Campus Safety Office located on the second floor of the Facilities Services building on the Bremerton campus.  Campus Safety is responsible for the enforcement of all Student Parking Rules and Regulations and parking for employees and visitors at Olympic College.

Parking permits are issued by Campus Safety in the Facilities Services Building on the second floor.  Facilities Services is located at 13th and Chester at the south end of campus.  During the first week of each quarter, when staffing is available, Campus Safety will issue parking permits at the Cashier's Office in the Humanities and Student Services building.

You will need the following items to get your parking permit: Your class schedule showing the fees are paid, your vehicle registration, and your Student Identification with photo attached. 

Summer Session OPEN PARKING

In accordance with Olympic College Policy 200-16, Procedure-01, Summer Session Open Parking has ended as of August 31st.  Students are required to park in designated student lots.  Faculty and Staff are to resume parking and observing the reserved assigned spaces.  Child Development Center customer parking is limited to the pick up and drop off spaces only, not the numbered spaces that are assigned to, and paid for, by faculty and staff.  All Students/Faculty/Staff are reminded that each of their vehicles must have a valid OC parking sticker/placard on display to park on campus.  Parking in Visitor parking spaces is NOT permitted for Students/Faculty/Staff.  Contact us at 475-7800 with questions.

All student vehicles must display a valid parking sticker.  All Faculty/Staff vehicles must display a valid parking placard.  Each vehicle parking on campus must be registered with Campus Safety.  Please bring your proof of paid class registration (students) payroll deduction form or cashier's receipt (faculty/staff) and valid vehicle registration for each vehicle to be registered.  Campus Safety customer service desk is located in the Facilities Services Building, 2nd floor at the top of the stairs.

All visitor vehicles must display a valid visitor parking pass.  Employees and Students are not permitted to park in visitor parking.

Carpool and Handicapped parking spaces are restricted to those with valid placards.

Electronic Car Charging Stations Operational in G-1 General Lot

At long last, the electric car charging stations in the new general parking lot are operational! There are now five stations available on a first-come-first-served basis.

Those of you fortunate enough to be able to use them, will need to register. Registration is free – the power is not.

To register go to to register. On that site, go to the membership tab. Highlight button next to the level of membership you wish to use and follow the instructions.

After you register, you will receive a card. The chargers are activated by using the card and a pass code.

The card can also be used at other chargers at locations across the U.S. There is a map on the web site that not only shows you where there are charging stations, but which ones are currently being used by someone else. The map does not show our stations yet, but should show our location soon.

NOW OPEN: The G-1 GENERAL Parking Lot

This lot is open for all faculty, staff or students with any valid parking placard or pass. The G-1 lot is first-come-first-served and has no assigned parking spaces. Within the G-1 lot there are designated Handicapped, State Owned, Micro/Compact and Motorcycle spaces. Parking in these spaces is restricted to those with valid Olympic College parking permits.

Visitor Parking is restricted to visitors and guests of Olympic College

All visitors are required to display a visitor parking pass.  Visitor parking passes are available from Campus Safety, Welcome Kiosk, Testing Center, Registration and Records or from your campus sponsor for your event.  Olympic College Policy 200-16 prohibits registered students, staff and faculty from parking in visitors parking.  Students, staff and faculty who park in visitor parking will be cited.

Street parking is very limited and enforced by the City of Bremerton.  These spaces are parallel parking spaces along the curbing of 18th, 16th, Lincoln and Ohio.  Olympic College manages and enforces all other areas, including pull in parking stalls on 16th and angled parking stalls along Broadway, both of which require a valid Olympic  College parking decal, placard or permit at all times.  WATCH THE SIGNS ON THE CITY STREETS AND PAINTED CURBS/PAVEMENT TO AVOID BEING CITED.

Rideshare Vehicle Registration

The Campus Safety office strongly supports carpools and vanpools.  If you are interested, you can apply for a carpool  placard or vanpool by contacting the Kitsap Transit Rideshare Program at 360-373-2877 or 1-800-501-RIDE or by applying online at:
Rideshare parking is enforced 24 hours a day.  Vehicles without a valid Rideshare/Carpool parking pass will be cited.

Ride Kitsap Transit and Save!

Faculty and Staff Assigned Parking Spaces

All numbered parking spaces on campus are assigned. These are restricted to only those faculty and staff members assigned to those spaces.   Parking Enforcement of these spaces is conducted between the hours of 7am and 4pm Monday through Friday.

Additional Services

  • Issuance of replacement permits
  • Conduct regular patrols of all parking lots, buildings and grounds
  • Ride share and Carpool information
  • Safety Escort service from class to vehicle
  • Jump starts service
  • Special event parking arrangements
  • Parking lot maintenance
  • Vehicle unlock service

Bremerton Campus
Campus Safety Office (second floor FSB building)
Phone: 360-475-7800 from 7:30 am to 4:30 pm
NOTE: After 4:30 pm, call 360-475-7800

Poulsbo Campus Parking
Campus Safety Office/Student Services Office (Lower Level)
Campus Safety Office Phone: 360-394-2719
Student Services Phone: 360-394-2725
Monday - Thursday 8:30 am to 6:00 pm 
Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Shelton Campus Parking
Student Services Office Phone: 360-432-5400 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm