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Campus Safety

Security is on-duty at Poulsbo, Shelton, and Bremerton campuses during regular hours of operation.  

The Campus Safety main office is located at the Bremerton campus, Humanities and Student Services (HSS) building in room 101.   Call us for assistance by using a call box, or phone at (360) 475-7800 for all three campuses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can view the location of a call box on campus by using this link to the interactive map of Olympic College.

Along the top of the map, you can browse different campus locations.  Along the left menu of the map, you can check the selection box for emergency phones, as well as other useful information.

See something unsafe?  Report it with a Safety Gram!
Emergency?  Call 911, and then  call Campus Safety at (360) 475-7800 so we can assist you.

Office Hours HSS 101 

Get Parking Permits, ID Cards, and Keys

  • Monday through Thursday 7:00am to 5:00pm
  • Friday 7:00am to 4:00pm
  • CLOSED on weekends, call (360) 475-7800 for assistance

Parking Information can be found on the Campus Safety Parking page.

Campus Safety provides these services:

  • Vehicle Unlock
  • Vehicle Jumpstart
  • ID Cards
  • Keys
  • Security Escort on Campus
  • Parking Permits
  • Parking Enforcement
  • Lost and Found
  • Lock Cutting
  • Policy and/or Criminal Reporting

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, Security Officers can be reached after normal business hours and on weekends by calling (360) 475-7800, or using one of the emergency callboxes on campus.

If the situation requires immediate Police or Medical help, dial 911 (from a campus phone dial 9-911), then contact the Campus Safety Office by dialing (360) 475-7800, pressing the "Security" button on your office phone, or using one of the emergency callboxes.

Yes, you can contact Campus Safety and arrange for an Officer to escort you to your class, or vehicle. 

Campus Safety should be contacted immediately if you are having any difficulty with another student on campus. All students at Olympic College have the right to attend school without being harassed, intimidated, or threatened. The Campus Safety Office works closely with the Office of the Vice President of Student Support and Achievement, and has a "zero tolerance" policy with regards to potentially violent/harmful situations. If you would like to contact the Office of the Vice President directly, email sriddle@olympic.edu.

Once you are registered for classes, you are eligible for a student identification card.  

You will need: 

ID cards are issued at HSS101 (Campus Safety Office) on the Bremerton campus, and at Student Services on the Poulsbo and Shelton campuses.

  • Lost your ID?  If it was issued less than 1 year ago, there is a $5 replacement fee for student ID cards - payable at the cashier's office.
  • Need to get your ID sticker?  Bring your student ID and Class Schedule (View your Schedule on OASIS) to HSS 101 in Bremerton, or Student Services in Poulsbo or Shelton.