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Proctoring Services

Current Photo ID is required for all testing.

Proctoring Services Schedule

Instructional Schedule - Winter Quarter 2015

(In Effect January 5, 2015 - March 20, 2015)

Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Schedule Adjustments:

  • Closed on posted OC Holidays and Student Optional Days:  01/19/15 & 02/16/15
  • No others at this time; others announced as needed.

**Final Exam Week Schedule:

TBA for Winter Quarter Finals (Tuesday March 17 – Friday March 20, 2015)

Non-Instructional Schedule - Spring Break 2015 -

Begins Monday 03/23/15 and will be in effect until the start of the Spring Quarter on 04/06/14.  This Schedule will be Monday - Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm; Closed Fridays.

General Information on Proctoring Services:

  • The Olympic College Assessment & Testing Center is available to proctor exams for students enrolled in Independent Study, On-line, Correspondence or Distance Education Programs for institutions or businesses other than Olympic College.
  • Proctoring Services for written exams are offered on a Walk-in basis during the hours listed above; no appointment is necessary. All Testing and Check-Out must be completed prior to the posted closing time.
  • See schedule above for specific closing times during the Academic Quarters and Breaks.
  • Proctoring is also available for internet-based or computer-based exams by appointment only. Appointments can be set by email (preferred), in person or by phone.  
  • There is a $25.00 fee per exam for all Proctoring Services. This non-refundable fee will be assessed for each exam regardless of the time limit for the test material.  Please visit the Cashier's Office on the first floor of the Humanities & Student Services building prior to checking in for the exam. The Cashier generally closes at 4:00pm. You should know your SSN, as part of your SSN and last name are used to create your ID number.
  • Please take down this address and arrange to have your exam mailed to:
    • Olympic College Testing Center
    • Humanities & Student Services 222
    • 1600 Chester Ave. Bremerton , WA 98337-1699
  • Exam materials can also be delivered to the Assessment & Testing Center by fax or e-mail.  See the contact information at the top of this page.
  • Students can email TestingCenter@olympic.edu to verify that the test materials have been received or to ask any questions about Proctoring Services.
  • Current photo identification is required for all testing.
  • See Notices for Students on the Assessment & Testing Center main page for information on Personal Items and other Requirements.