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Accuplacer Assessment

  1. Get a student ID number.
  2. Schedule your assessment or diagnostic test.
PSNS APPLICANTS: Please visit PSNS website before you schedule an Accuplacer assessment.


Your emailed confirmation is your receipt! If it's not in your inbox don't forget to check the junk mail folder for your confirmation. There is a $20 non-refundable administrative fee associated with taking the Accuplacer test. Receipt is valid for 60 days. NO EXCEPTIONS! ALL testing services (testing, re-takes, scores/results) will require:

  1. A current government or school-issued Photo Identification
  2. Your SID or SSN
  3. Obtain Visitor's Parking Pass from Campus Safety or the Welcome Kiosk and place face side up on your dashboard before taking your test.

No cell phones or calculators are allowed in the test lab!

If you are paying with a voucher from L&I or Workfirst or another entity or if you have already paid in person and have your orange receipt please view the schedule online, determine the session you wish to attend and bring your receipt/voucher and photo ID up to our office (HSS-222) and we will get you tested as a walk in tester.

There is a minimum wait time of at least 48 hours between testing re-takes.

Do you need an accommodation due to a disability?

Requests for accommodations are approved through Access Services located in Room 204 of the Humanities and Student Services Building. Please note that the Accuplacer assessment is not timed.

Other Questions?

Bremerton and Poulsbo: Email accuplacerquestions@olympic.edu
Bremerton: 360.475.7238, Poulsbo: 360.394.2725
Shelton: Email ocstesting@olympic.edu

Think you may be exempt?

If you think you may be exempt from taking the assessment because you have completed an intermediate algebra course or higher in college, complete and submit the math placement form. You may also be exempt from the English placement if you have qualifying AP scores or have completed a college level English composition course.

If you've taken an Accuplacer or Compass assessment within the last two years you may request the institution to fax it to us at 360.475.7470 or email it to us at: accuplacerquestions@olympic.edu to see if it is of use to you here.

Placement scores are only valid for two years from date of testing regardless if you took your test with OC or at another institution.

Future applicants to the PSNS & IMF Apprentice Program should be prepared to meet the placement requirements for Olympic College's BSTEC 150 and Math 94. 

The Accuplacer Reading Comprehension test is required for application consideration for the Nursing Programs, regardless of previous higher education or degrees acquired.  There is no waiver or exception from the requirement to complete at least the Reading Comprehension portion of the Accuplacer for application to the Nursing Programs.  The results for the Accuplacer Reading Comprehension do not expire for entrance into the ADN/TADN & PN Programs.  If you plan on using the Accuplacer results for placement in an English/Math, the scores expire after two years.

Practice & Prepare