Access Testing

Access Testing Schedule:

Instructional Schedule - Winter Quarter 2015

(In Effect January 5, 2015 - March 20, 2015)

Monday-Thursday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Friday 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM


Schedule Adjustments:

  • Closed on posted OC Holidays and Student Optional Days:  01/19/15 & 02/16/15
  • No others at this time; others announced as needed.

**Final Exam Week Schedule:

TBA for Winter Quarter Finals (Tuesday March 17 – Friday March 20, 2015)

Non-Instructional Schedule - Spring Break 2015 -

Begins Monday 03/23/15 and will be in effect until the start of the Spring Quarter on 04/06/14.  This Schedule will be Monday - Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm; Closed Fridays.

General Information on Access Testing:

Access Testing Services are available in the Assessment & Testing Center by appointment.  Students must be approved for accommodations in testing by Access Services prior to using this service.

Please visit the Assessment & Testing Center in person to pick up a Testing Support Form and set the date and time for testing.  Students will pick up this form and take it to the course instructor.  The instructor will complete the form with testing directions, attach the test and forward the test and form back to the Testing office.

Appointment times should be kept as scheduled.  We are not required to hold the reservation if the student is more than 30 minutes late arriving for an appointment.

The testing appointment should be as close as possible to the time that the test will be administered in the classroom within posted Testing Center hours. Appointments should be set with a starting time that will allow for completion of the test with the approved Time Limit adjustment and for the student to be checked out of the testing center lobby before the posted closing time.  Students will not be allowed to remain in the Testing Center after the posted closing time to complete a test.

Access Testing can be Written or Computer-Based (as required/approved).  When setting appointments, students needing use of a computer for testing should be sure their reservation is at an appropriate seat/room.

The Assessment & Testing Center has two Private Rooms which are reserved on a first-come first-served basis for students approved for this accommodation.  

Current Photo Identification is required for all testing.

See Notices for Students on the main Assessment &Testing Center page for information on Personal Items and other Requirements.

Notices for OC Instructors:
In order to maintain testing security, instructors are requested to deliver the test materials, any special answer sheets, and the fully completed Testing Support form for the current quarter directly to the Assessment & Testing Center. The Testing Support form is to be delivered to instructors by the students.  Delivery of the complete testing packet to the Testing Center can be done by email to , by fax to (360) 475-7470, by interoffice mail to HSS222 , or in person to the Humanities & Student Services bldg., Room 222.  There is also a Faculty Drop Box installed in the hallway outside the lobby entrance for faculty to use after hours.  This box is checked ONCE daily prior to opening the lobby.
Please allow adequate delivery time if mailing test materials.
Return of OC Testing materials is by Campus Mail only; tests cannot be returned to U.S.Mail or by fax or email.  Test materials can be held for Pick Up in Person.

Additional information related to test accommodations may be obtained through Access Services.