RN to BSN General Education Requirements
An important component of any Bachelor's degree is fulfillment of General Education requirements. General Education courses provide competency in writing, the humanities, natural sciences, mathematics, and social sciences to prepare graduates for successful participation in whatever disciplines they may pursue in the future.
Foreign Language
Note: Students educated in another language through the eighth grade may waive the foreign language requirement
  • ● Two years in high school of the same foreign language
  • ● 10 credits of one language at the college level
Humanities | 15 credits
  • ● Up to 9 credits may be earned in BSN Courses
Natural Sciences | 28 credits
  • ● 5 credits in college level chemistry with lab
  • ● 10 credits in college level anatomy/physiology with lab
    (can be met via exam)
  • ● 3 credits in college level microbiology with lab
    (can be met via exam)
  • ● 5 credits in statistics
  • ● 5 credits in advanced mathematics
    (can be met via written petition following completion
    of statistics)
Social Sciences | 15 credits
  • ● Up to 12 credits may be earned in BSN Courses
Writing | 15 credits
  • ● 5 credits English composition
    (earned during ADN/Diploma program)
  • ● 10 credits earned in writing-intensive BSN courses
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