Worker Retraining

The Worker Retraining program at OC...

...provides access to skills training for unemployed workers who need to upgrade their skills or acquire a new career. Eligibility requirements are outlined below.

Olympic College Bremerton

Please make an appointment by calling Advising & Counseling Services at 360.475.7530. The Bremerton Advisor cannot always be available for walk-ins. 

Kristopher Nelsen
Transition Coordinator for Worker Retraining
Advising & Counseling Center
2nd floor, Humanities and Student Services building | (360) 475-7231

Olympic College Shelton

Rose Ferri 
Transitions Coordinator for Worker Retraining
& WorkFirst, Shelton
937 W Alpine Way, Shelton | (360) 432-5423

About Worker Retraining at OC

Cindy Wyman
Director of Program Development and Worker Retraining | (360) 475-7849

Worker Retraining provides access to skills training for unemployed workers who need to upgrade their skills or acquire a new career.

Eligibility and Details: Worker Retraining applicants must initially meet one of the following criteria to potentially qualify:

  • Determined eligible to collect WA state unemployment insurance;
  • Currently collecting WA state unemployment insurance;
  • Have collected WA state unemployment insurance at any time within the last 24 months;
  • Have received notice of intent to layoff;
  • Displaced homemaker;
    • (Individuals who within the last 24 months have been providing unpaid services to a family member(s) in the home, and have been dependent on the income of another family member, and are no longer supported by that income)
  • Self-employed;
  • An individual who has been honorably separated from the U.S. armed services in the last 24 months;
  • An individual who lives/lived or works/worked in one of the counties declared in a disaster area at the time of a disaster within the last 24 months, and your employment situation was impacted by the disaster;
  • Currently working and in order to remain employed you must obtain new skills.

Qualified students may receive assistance with tuition and fees, books, dependent care, and other costs in addition to educational advising. This assistance can be applied to any one of more than 20 professional technical programs offered at Olympic College, or to customized job skills training. Worker Retraining students may also be allowed to collect unemployment benefits while attending Olympic College as a full-time student.

Worker Retraining students may enroll in one of the many Olympic College Professional-Technical ATA degree or certificate programs.

How to Apply

Individuals may access the application online or make an appointment with OC’s Worker Retraining representative.

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