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Basic Food Employment & Training (BFET)

Applications are being accepted now. Applications can only be submitted for approval if student is either enrolled in classes or 30 days before the start of the quarter. Once submitted, the approval review takes only about 15 days. You will be notified of acceptance by email with information to attend a one-time, mandatory orientation.

Review the information below. If you believe you qualify, fill out the application at the link below. Or, printed applications are available beside the BFET office, CSC 414. Turn in your completed form at the BFET office -- there is a dropbox outside our office if we are out.

The Basic Food Employment & Training (BFET) program is a partnership between Olympic College and the Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) which offers educational and workforce training opportunities to students receiving Basic Food Assistance (food stamps).

You may be eligible for the BFET program if:

  • You are currently receiving or are eligible to receive food stamps.
  • You are not receiving TANF benefits through DSHS
  • You are enrolled in a Professional Technical program of study.

Program benefits may include:

  • Establishing and/or maintaining eligibility for food stamps while attending school
  • Eligibility for DSHS’ Child Care Subsidy Program
  • Assistance with books and required course materials (on a funds available basis)
  • Referral to on-campus and off-campus resources

Do you qualify for Basic Food Assistance?

People in the Household Gross Monthly Income
1 $1,816
2 $2,452
3 $3,090
4 $3,726
5 $4,362
6 $5,000
7 $5,636
8 $6,272
9 $6,910
10 $7,546
Each additional Add $600

Program Overview

Testing Fees Advise BFET staff of necessary testing fees. You may be reimbursed or provided funding.
Books & Course Materials A week prior to the new quarter, the bookstore will be provided with funds to pay for your textbooks and other required course study aids.
Child Care Under certain circumstances funds for child care services are available to participants.


FAFSA Apply for financial aid through FAFSA each year. This must be done prior to application to BFET.
Pursue a Professional-Technical Degree Pursue a professional or technical degree or certificate which will help you reach your employment goals.
Basic Food Assistance Maintain eligibility in Basic Food Assistance and actively participate in program requirements set by DSHS. Eligibility of participants is reviewed throughout the quarter.
Satisfactory Academic Achievement Pass and complete all classes. Otherwise you may lose access to the program and/or financial aid eligibility.
Progress Reports Submit signed progress & participation reports. You will receive emails which provide the form and instructions, together with deadlines for submitting. Maintain eligibility in Basic Food Assistance and actively participate in program requirements set by DSHS. Failure to submit reports on time is grounds to terminate a student's BFET program benefits.
Education Plan With the aid of your faculty advisor, develop an education plan of each quarter's classes you must take to complete your degree or certificate. You may change your plans while participating in the BFET program only once, within the first three months of initiating coursework.
Important Dates Be aware of important dates such as: start and end dates for each quarter, holiday schedule, registration dates and times, and refund/drop dates.
Communicate Changes Report any changes in your contact information to Registration & Records as well as to the BFET office. Notify the BFET office if you become employed while a participant.
Employment Plan Create an employment plan identifying clear goals and a strategy for you to find employment, or to return to work after completing your training.


How to Apply

Individuals may access the application online
or make an appointment with OC’s
BFET Program Coordinator, Christine Kubli.

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Individuals already participating in BFET may
access the academic progress report online.