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Air Washington Grant

Olympic College is sharing a total of $20 million in grant funding with 11 community and technical colleges in the State of Washington, representatives from the aerospace industry, and Centers of Excellence, to provide training in aerospace industry sectors in the region. Olympic College’s portion of over $2.3 million is being used to develop training in Composites Manufacturing Technology, Manufacturing Technology - Precision Machining, and Electronics. The grant award for Air Washington comes from the federal Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training initiative.


About 270,000 workers are employed in the aerospace industry in Washington State and the demand for a skilled workforce remains high. Many skilled aerospace workers are projected to retire in the near-term. Washington's leaders, including Governor Gregoire and Senator Cantwell, have prioritized the training of the next generations of skilled aerospace workers in the state, ensuring that Washington remains the world leader of the aerospace industry.

"This is a pivotal point for the competitiveness of America's aerospace industry. Washington needs more than 21,000 new aerospace workers over the next decade to fill new jobs and meet employer demands. And America needs thousands more skilled workers to seize aerospace job opportunities on the horizon. We need to make the right decisions today to create aerospace jobs now - and for our children."

Senator Maria Cantwell, Chair of the Senate Aviation Subcommittee

The Air Washington grant partners with the Olympic Workforce Development Council and the Kitsap Economic Development Alliance to foster healthy market development activity and enhance efforts around existing and emerging industry clusters related to manufacturing and electronics. www.kitsapconnected.org

Additionally, Air Washington collaborates efforts with the Kitsap Aerospace and Defense Alliance, a broad based alliance of business and community leaders formed to advance efforts to attract investment and employment in the region’s rapidly expanding aerospace sector. www.kitsapaerospace.com

Please see the Air Washington consortium site for more details about the grant and training and support programs throughout Washington State: www.airwashington.org.


Earn While You Learn!

OC's Composites Manufacturing Technology program is now an approved program for IAM/Boeing Composite Technician and Blue Streak Mechanic apprenticeship applicants! Completion of the program may qualify you for participation in a paid apprenticeship. Learn more at http://www.iam-boeing-apprenticeship.com.

Edge Factor: "Metal & Flesh" Sneak Peek

"Edge Factor is taking a STAND for manufacturing. This film is a critical component in our initiative to INSPIRE the next generation of skilled manufacturers." Edge Factor Show

Stephanie Thompson, Olympic College's Air Washington Grant Manager


Industry hopes to fill jobs in metrology and measurement sciences

Air Washington Newsletters

Information Sessions for Prospective Students

Attend a free information session to learn about how you can gain marketable skills in Composites Manufacturing Technology , Manufacturing Technology - Precision Machining , or Electronics . We'll discuss certificate and degree options, courses, and how to get started on your next educational opportunity. 

Information sessions are free and open to the public.

The following sessions are being held on the OC Bremerton campus in the Engineering Building, Room 117:

  • Wednesday, July 22 2-3pm
  • Thursday, July 30 2-3pm
  • Wednesday, August 12 2-3pm
  • Wednesday, August 26 2-3pm
  • Wednesday, September 9 2-3pm
  • Wednesday, September 16 2-3pm

For additional information contact:

Many Air Washington students are eligible for financial assistance to help fund the cost of education. Please visit the OC Financial Aid Office section of the website for comprehensive guidance on the financial process.

Have you already applied to OC to begin your educational program and are ready to apply for financial aid? These are the steps you should take:

  • File the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Please see the Financial Aid Office for further information and a link to the form. Note that you may be contacted to complete some additional paperwork after your financial aid application has been received. Filing the FAFSA enables the OC Financial Aid team to evaluate your eligibility for a number of different aid and grant programs.
  • Veterans should complete the VONAPP at http://www.gibill.va.gov and then contact the OC Veteran's Services Office (VSO) at 360.475.7560 for an orientation to utilizing your educational benefits and other assistance.
  • Active duty military should contact OC Military Education for assistance at militaryed@olympic.edu. Navy personnel are also encouraged to work with the NBK Navy College Office for advising and financial assistance.
  • If you receive Basic Food Assistance, you may be eligible for continued assistance and other financial support while in school under the BFET program. Contact Christine Kubli at 360.475.6551 for more information.
  • You may be eligible for Worker Retraining funds. Financial assistance with school expenses is sometimes available for unemployed or otherwise displaced workers. Contact Laura Lee at 360.475.7325 or Miste Damrill-Leib at 360.475.7230 for assistance.
  • You may be eligible for Opportunity Grant funds. Tuition and book assistance is available for qualifying students in certain approved educational pathways. For assistance, contact Laura Lee at 360.475.7325 or Patty Thomas at 360.475.6817.
  • WorkFirst participants may also receive educational financial assistance. Support for low income parents is provided so that they can attend college. A referrals from DSHS is required. Contact Cathy Stinson at 360.475.7846 for eligibility at the Bremerton and Poulsbo campuses or Rose Ferri at 360.432.5423 for eligibility at the Shelton campus.

You may also contact Stephanie Thompson, the OC Air Washington Grant Manager, for help with referrals to financial assistance contacts on campus: sthompson2@olympic.edu or 360.475.7839.

The Air Washington grant project impacts programs in three areas:

  • Manufacturing Technology - Precision Machining
  • Composites Manufacturing Technology
  • Electronics

The manufacturing skills taught in these programs are in high demand by companies such as The Boeing Company, Boeing Suppliers, Lockheed Martin, Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, and many others. These skills are also necessary in other industries. Our curriculum is designed to give students the broad-based competencies necessary for success in skilled manufacturing roles in any industry.

Manufacturing Technology - Precision Machining

Olympic College's Manufacturing Technology - Precision Machining program offers the following  certificate/degree options:

Applied math and communication skills are embedded in the manufacturing curriculum.

New courses in Manufacturing-Precision Machining will be offered Summer and Fall 2015!

For detailed information on each certificate option and program learning outcomes, please visit the Manufacturing Technology - Precision Machining website.

Also available for your reference: Manufacturing Technology: Program Brochure (PDF)





Composites Manufacturing Technology

Olympic College's Composites Manufacturing Technology program offers the following certificate/degree options: 

Coursework for this certificate is designed to be an intensive immersion experience. Students entering this program should therefore be prepared to attend class full-time. Applied math and communication skills are embedded in the manufacturing curriculum.

The next opportunity to begin the Composite certificate programs is Fall 2015!

For detailed information on program learning outcomes and coursework, please visit the Composites Manufacturing Technology website.

Also available for your reference: Composites Manufacturing Technology Program Brochure (PDF)


OC's Composites Manufacturing Technology program is now an approved program for IAM/Boeing Composites Technician and Blue Streak Mechanic apprenticeship applicants! Completion of the program may qualify you for participation in a paid apprenticeship.  Learn more at http://www.iam-boeing-apprenticeship.com


Olympic College's Electronics program is one of only 44 colleges and university programs in the nation that is accredited by the Federal Aviation Administration's Technical Operations-Collegiate Training Initiative Program (TO-CTI). OC offers three certificate options and a degree in Electronics:

  • 19-credit Certificate of Recognition: This program offers an introduction to the electronics working environment.
    This certificate qualifies you to become a Mobile Electronics Certified Professional (MECP). MECP certification demonstrates competency of understanding on a wide range of job-related subjects and offers a differentiator from those who have not made the step to "invest" in their careers through education and skill-building. This proves to employers and customers that you have a professional commitment to expanding your knowledge of the job. For more information, visit www.mcep.com/FAQ
  • 45-credit Certificate of Proficiency: This three-quarter program enables students to obtain entry-level work as electronics installers, assemblers, or apprentice technicians.
  • 101-credit Associate of Technical Arts degree: Students in this degree program may choose to transfer these credits and apply them towards a Bachelor's degree at a four-year institution.

Electronics students take math courses as part of the certificate/degree course requirements.

Online classes are available year-round. The next opportunity to start face-to-face classes is Fall 2015!

Students with previous experience in electronics from the workplace or military may be able to waive out of some coursework in Electronics. For more information please visit the Prior Learning Assessment site  (see page 2) or discuss options with the Electronics faculty advisor.

For detailed information on each learning option and program learning outcomes, please visit the Electronics website.

Also available for your reference: Electronics Program Brochure (PDF)

Air Washington is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities. This workforce solution was funded $20M (100%) by a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Employment and Training Administration. The solution was created by the grantee and does not necessarily reflect the official position of the U.S. Department of Labor. The Department of Labor makes no guarantees, warranties, or assurances of any kind, express or implied, with respect to such information, including any information on linked sites and including, but not limited to, accuracy of the information or its completeness, timeliness, usefulness, adequacy, continued availability, or ownership. This solution is copyrighted by the institution that created it. Internal use, by and organization and/or personal use by an individual for non-commercial purposes, is permissible. All other uses require the prior authorization of the copyright owner.

Olympic College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, or age in its programs and activities.