eLearning Options

A variety of distance learning options are available such as online, hybrid, web enhanced, telecourses, and USB.

Note: Online, hybrid and web-enhanced courses conducted in Canvas are fully supported by the eLearning Office at Olympic College. Technical assistance is available Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, via telephone or e-mail.  Hybrid and web-enhanced courses using other software or learning systems are not supported by the eLearning office.  Support for those must come from the instructor or the individual web site.

An online course is a course that you can take using your computer and the Internet. Online courses are generally not self-paced and require students to participate in online discussions on five out of every seven days at a time that is convenient for them. They do not require students to come to campus.

Online courses are not for everyone. What does it take to be successful? See Be Successful in an eLearning Environment to give you an idea.

These classes combine the best of the traditional classroom with a strong online component. Study and technology expectations are similar to those in online classes, but you meet in a traditional classroom about half the time.

Traditional face-to-face classes are combined with web-based components (using the CANVAS system) for homework resources and outside-of-class communication. You still meet on the normal class schedule.

Note: Telecourses and USB courses are not supported by the eLearning office and the descriptions are offered only for information purposes. Assistance with these courses must be directed to the course instructor.

A Telecourse is a semi-self study, self-paced, distance learning class that combines VHS videos of lectures and materials with study guides, assignments, exams and other information into a complete take-home bundle. There is a Required Orientation where students will meet instructors, receive a syllabus, and course requirements will be discussed. Orientation sessions are held during the first week of the quarter and participation is mandatory. Check with the instructor or the course catalog for dates, times and locations.  Exams are generally scheduled, requiring on-campus visits or an exam proctor.

USB-drive courses are self-contained courses delivered on returnable USB memory stick drives. The courses are designed to provide students with little or no internet access a more interactive experience than a telecourse, but not as interactive as an online course. USB drives are available at the appropriate Division offices on the Bremerton Campus or through the instructor. Please see the Class Schedule Planner for information on where to get your USB drive.