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GEN-S 097 - Orientation to Canvas


Bremerton Campus

  • Thursday, January 7th from 1 PM to 3 PM - HSS 225 - Item #5513
  • Friday, January 8th from 2 PM to 4 PM - HSS 225 - Item #5512

Shelton Campus

  • Friday, January 8th from 10 AM to NOON - OCS 107 - Item #7512

Poulsbo Campus

  • Wednesday, September 6th from 10 AM to NOON - OCP 110 - Item #8512

You can also sign up for the on-line, self-paced version, Item 5502.

The face-to-face orientation is a free, one day, two hour student orientation and is not required! It will take you through the basics of how to use the Canvas platform for online classes and is highly recommended for new online students and students who are unfamiliar with Canvas. Sign up at the Registration office or through OASIS.

Don't have time to take GEN-S097 in person?  Take the fre online, self-paced version.  This course is available throughout the term.

Other Resources

  • CIS 100 - COMPUTER LITERACY FOR ONLINE LEARNING: This two credit class will help prepare students for success in online learning by focusing on basic computer literacy and eLearning environments.
  • CIS 101 - COMPUTER LITERACY ASSESSMENT:  This one credit class will allow students to demonstrate mastery of basic computer use, file management, word processing, spreadsheets, the World Wide Web, and email, through assessment tests.  This is an on-line course.
  • CIS 107 - INTRODUCTION TO PERSONAL COMPUTERS: This one credit/one day class is for novice computer users. It covers computer terminology, PC hardware options, Windows operating systems, basic software techniques and basic Internet use.
  • DIGL 101 - INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE LEARNING w/CANVAS: This two credit class prepares students for success in the online learning environment. Students will identify essential skills required of the online learner, develop strategies to attain those skills, communicate effectively online, access tools and resources, use multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS), and develop problem-solving abilities to address issues unique to online learning.

You can sign up for these courses at the Registration office or though OASIS.