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Distance Learning

Welcome to eLearning at Olympic College

Our mission is to provide assistance and guidance to eLearning students, and the faculty and staff that support their endeavors, by remaining current in the world of eLearning and passing that information on to you.

How Do I Log into my Canvas Account?

For Students:
1.  Your login ID is your Olympic College student email address; and
2.  Your password is your Olympic College network/email password.

For Faculty:  Your login ID is your Olympic College email address and your password is your network/email password.

Forgot your password?
1.  Reset your password online.  For students click hereFor faculty and staff click here.
2.  Call the IT Help Desk at 360-475-7600; or
3.  Email the IT Help Desk at helpdesk@olympic.edu.

Okay, where do I find the Olympic College Canvas site? 

There are a couple of ways to do this.  The easiest way is to click on this link:  https:\\olympic.instructure.com.  We would strongly recommend that you bookmark this page in your browser.  If you Google "Canvas" it will take you to a Canvas site that does not belong to Olympic College as there are many schools around the country that use Canvas.  You can also find the Canvas login screen by navigating to the Olympic College website (www.olympic.edu) and clicking on the red Canvas link that appears in the upper left hand corner of the page, next to the OASIS link.

What Web Browser Should I Use?

There are a number of web browsers available.  Is one better then the other?  Right now, we strongly recommend using the most recent version of Firefox or Safari, if you are a Mac user.  We do not recommend Internet Explorer or Chrome.

Getting Started Online

Getting Started Online at Olympic College is easy! You can start it from the comfort of your own sofa without having to leave the house! 

To see if online courses are right for you, consider taking the Are You Ready online quiz. 

  1. Follow the Getting Started process. 
  2. Browse the Schedule - filter by branch and type to see all distance options.  When you browse your classes make sure you click on the "Details" button to see how the class is being delivered.  Not all online classes are delivered via Canvas.  Some use publishers' sites associated with the text book.  The link for these sites and instructions on how to access them are included with your text book.  Some use the Professor's Online site and others use sites created by the teacher.  Make sure you know how your classes are being delivered.  If you have questions, please contact Admissions at 360-475-7479 or via email at prospect@olympic.edu
  3. Register and Pay for Classes 
  4. Buy Books 

Contact your faculty advisor in your major area of interest to choose online classes for future quarters. 

Where is the eLearning Office located?

We are located in the lower level of the Haselwood Library in Rooms 16C and 20 and can be reached via the Clock Tower Plaza entrance. Walk-ins are always welcome during normal business hours. We are not staffed outside of normal hours but will respond to after hours and weekend email and telephone inquiries within one working day after they are received. We support online, hybrid and web-enhanced classes that use the Canvas platform.

Contact eLearning:

(360) 475-7770 or (800) 259-6718 x7770
Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm

Notice to prospective/current students who live in another state and want to attend classes from outside the state of Washington

Please look at our Out of State Students page for very important information.  If you are going to reside in the state of Washington while attending distance education classes you can disregard this notice.

Tired of asking your kids for help? Never fear, help is here!

  • CIS 100 - COMPUTER LITERACY FOR ONLINE LEARNING: This two credit class will help prepare students for success in online learning by focusing on basic computer literacy and eLearning environments.
  • CIS 101 - COMPUTER LITERACY ASSESSMENT:  This one credit class will allow students to demonstrate mastery of basic computer use, file management, word processing, spreadsheets, the World Wide Web, and email, through assessment tests.  This is an on-line course.
  • CIS 107 - INTRODUCTION TO PERSONAL COMPUTERS: This one credit/one day class is for novice computer users. It covers computer terminology, PC hardware options, Windows operating systems, basic software techniques and basic Internet use.
  • DIGL 101 - INTRODUCTION TO ONLINE LEARNING w/CANVAS: This two credit class prepares students for success in the online learning environment. Students will identify essential skills required of the online learner, develop strategies to attain those skills, communicate effectively online, access tools and resources, use multiple Learning Management Systems (LMS), and develop problem-solving abilities to address issues unique to online learning.

Why not take a free test to see if your style of learning is suited for online learning. See the Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire. You should also review the eLearning Success page to see what it takes to be a successful eLearning student.

Register for GEN-S097. This class is meant to give you an orientation to CANVAS and prepare you for class. A schedule of upcoming classes can be found at eLearning Events.  This orientation is taught both as a face-to-face class and fully on-line.  The fully on-line class is available throughout the term and you can register for this class at any time during the term.

Go to the Class Schedule Planner. Under Type select Online, Web-Enhanced, Hybrid or Online or On Campus to narrow your search.  Click on the "Details" button to see how the class will be delivered.  If the class is being delivered in Canvas the "Additional detals" line will have show the link to Canvas "https://olympic.instructure.com/login (Canvas)" as an active link.

Other Important Information

USB Courses, telecourses and other online platforms are not supported by the eLearning Office. Please contact the course instructor directly. For assistance with online courses offered by Continuing Education, please contact them at 360-475-7786 or via email at continuinged@olympic.edu.