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Financial Aid Status


It can take 3 to 6 weeks to process your award from the file completion date (the date all required documents are received by the Financial Aid Office). You can check the APPLICATION STATUS in the FA portal to determine whether your file is complete.

NOTE!! Awards are subject to change. Check the FA portal weekly, even after you have been awarded.  Below are some APPLICATION STATUS messages and what they mean.

  1. FILE READY FOR REVIEW:  File has been prepped, and is ready to be reviewed.
  2. SUBMIT VERIFICATION FORMS:  File has been selected for the verification process.  File is now incomplete until the student submits required forms.
  3. FILE READY TO AWARD:  File has been reviewed, and is in queue to be awarded.
  4. LOAN ONLY--SEPARATE APPLICATION REQUIRED:  Student qualifies for loans only.  Must submit separate loan request form to be processed.
  5. INELIGIBLE ACADEMIC HISTORY:  File is not eligible to be awarded financial aid because student is/was not meeting Satisfactory Academic Progress.  Student needs to self-reinstate, petition, or appeal.
  6. NOT AWARDED. EXCEEDS PROGRAM CREDIT LIMITS:  File is not eligible to be awarded because student has exceeded credit limits for program.  Student needs to petition for aid beyond the limits.
  7. AWARDED:  The student is now awarded financial aid and amounts can be viewed on the portal.
  8. OTHER MESSAGES:  Other messages the student needs to act on may be updated to the APPLICATION STATUS in the portal
        If additional documents are required, the FILE COMPLETION DATE may change to reflect the date when all required and additional documents are received by the Financial Aid Office

  • OFFERED AWARDS:  This means that your award is preliminary, pending final validation. 
  • ACCEPTED AWARDS:  This means that your award has been validated and accepted for disbursement at the next schedule disbursement date

Log in to see the current status of your Financial Aid Application.

If you have completed a FAFSA online and included Olympic College as one of your school choices, you can view your financial aid status including any awards you have been offered on our new Student Financial Aid Portal (click link above).


To log in to the Student Financial Aid Portal you will need your Social Security Number (no dashes) and your six-digit birth date (mmddyy). Those with single digit birth-month may have to drop the leading 0 (zero). For example, a student born on January 9, 1985 may have to enter 10985 (instead of 010985).

Note: Students can change their Global PINs in OASIS. However, it will not update for the Financial Aid Portal until that evening when the synchronization job runs to match the Global PIN to Financial Aid Portal Password. New Global PIN must be at least 5 digits.

What you can see in the Portal:

  • Messages from our office
  • Documents you have turned in or need to turn in
  • Awards you have been offered
  • Loan disbursements made

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