Local Success Starts at OC
CINDY Nursing Student

A recipient of the Herbert H. Goodman Nursing Scholarship, Cindy was homeless. For five months while attending Olympic College, she lived in her van on the streets of Bremerton, showering at the OC gym, and studying in the library and student center to maintain her 4.0 GPA. The scholarship provided her the means to work toward her goal to earn an associate nursing degree (ADN) and Bachelor of Science in nursing (BSN) at OC.

After caring for her terminally ill mother who suffered from various cancers, Cindy learned that she too had papillary thyroid cancer. Now a thriving cancer survivor, Cindy believes that a career in nursing will not only help people in the obvious ways, but can also provide financial security and enable her to be involved in other volunteer service activities locally, nationally and globally.

Cindy is just one of the many people positively affected by the Olympic College Foundation. Who will you help?