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Early Alert Program1

What is Early Alert?

Early Alert is a student-centered program staffed by the Counselors. It is designed to connect students with faculty and the resources they need during the first weeks of the quarter. This is critical for student persistence and success.

Faculty share their concerns with the student and the Early Alert Team through email referrals, however, the referral process continues throughout the quarter. To get additional support it is critical for students who are experiencing academic or personal difficulties respond to emails and calls.


Email or call to schedule an appointment: 360.475.7530, counfac@olympic.edu.

Visit the Advising and Counseling Center for answers in HSS203.


  • Early Detection and Intervention
  • Assessment and Support
  • Connection and Resources 

Reasons to Refer

  • Attendance/tardiness
  • Low exam/quiz scores
  • Participation/motivation
  • Late/missing assignments
  • Personal problems
  • Negative change in personal appearance
  • Substance use/abuse

How to Report a Student Concern

Student Referral Form

Faculty are the first point of contact with their students. When an instructors has a real concern about a student's success, they should contact the student first and attempt to resolve the issue. If assistance is needed, instructors may refer the student to the Early Alert system using the Student Referral Form below.

Ideally, referrals submitted within the first three weeks of the quarter increase our chances of resolving student issues.  However, instructors may submit referrals anytime throughout the quarter.

Resources on our Academic Intervention page

For questions, please contact Trish Christean, Lead Early Alert Counselor, regarding referrals at (360-475-7763) or tchristean@olympic.edu, or for technical concerns contact Lynne Abbay, Lead Tech Support & IT Coordinator at (360-475-7609) or labbay@olympic.edu.