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Counseling Services

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Counseling Services is dedicated to promoting the emotional well-being of students by recognizing individuality, diversity and the person's inherent ability to manage everyday challenges and achieve life goals.

Counselors are licensed professionals who provide personal counseling, career counseling, academic advising and high school completion.

Counselors have their own approach depending on the unique experiences of students.

Counselors offer workshops quarterly and visit classes to discuss a variety of topics including test anxiety, stress management, career exploration, etc. 

Counselors are also part of the Early Alert Program which is designed to connect students with the resources they need during the first three weeks of the quarter. Early Alert is critical for student persistence and success.

Student persistence and success is enhanced when students connect with professors and classmates, balance academics with other roles, create a clear path, learn how to learn and ask for help when needed.

Learn more about the Counselors and our services:

  • Academic Advising (Explore steps to get started, registering, transferring, reviewing degrees/certificates.)
  • Academic Intervention (Explore resources to help with problems with classes, classmates, instructors.)
  • Career Counseling (Explore career options, completing career assessments, researching jobs/colleges.)
  • High School Completion (Explore alternatives to finish high school.)
  • Personal Counseling (Explore solutions to interpersonal conflicts, emotional distress, grief.)


Email or call to schedule an appointment: 360.475.7530, counfac@olympic.edu.

Visit the Advising and Counseling Center for answers: HSS203.


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