Learning Outcomes
Olympic College provides a well-rounded academic experience. Upon successful completion of the BAS IS program,
students will have expanded skills and clear pathways to success.
Building and Repair
  • ● Design professional development strategies for evaluating, recommending and applying new techniques, technologies, computer languages and user requirements, keeping in mind organizational needs and emerging technologies.
  • Develop organizational solutions based on information systems, applying integrated problem- solving techniques and systems thinking.
  • ● Develop solutions to networking and security problems, balancing business concerns, technical issues, and safety.
  • ● Apply effective collaborative and communication skills in a wide range of technical team environments and evaluate the success of various team strategies based on the project goals and constraints.
  • ● Develop successful and respectful relationships with clients, coworkers, managers and stakeholders, applying a wide range of adaptive and effective communication skills to convey complex technical concepts.
  • ● Analyze and develop recommendations for information systems design and implementation in accordance with best practices and standards, legal and regulatory requirements and ethical and social considerations including respect for privacy.
  • ● Critically evaluate and analyze data using proven methods to aid organizational decision-making and intellectual property.
  • ● Perform analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of computer-based systems, following established procedures and encouraging software development best practices.
Content Management
Content Management
  • ● Present and compare industry standard tools and applications for content delivery across various media, including web, mobile and client/server environments. Discuss how these tools support the organization’s goals.