Costs and Payment
Olympic College strives to make its tuition and fees affordable for BAS IS students while maintaining high educational standards. Tuition is approximately $2,504 per quarter for Washington residents. Fees, books and supplies are not included in tuition costs. Program duration, pre-earned and transferred credits may affect overall degree costs.

Faculty recommend that each student have a personal computing device with the capacity to run a modern operating system such as Windows 8.1 or OSX.

The Office of Financial Aid can provide access to various types of financial assistance to help meet the costs of the BAS IS program.

International Students at Olympic College are subject to separate tuition rates and financial aid restrictions from those for U.S. students. The International Student Programs Office can provide more information.
Financial Assistance Resources
Tuition Payment Plan
Olympic College offers an installment payment option that allows students to make partial tuition payments spaced throughout the quarter, instead of one lump sum payment. See more information about this program.

Students seeking scholarships should register at, a free scholarship clearinghouse that connects Washington students with scholarship providers. All Olympic College Foundation Scholarships (including a CIS-specific scholarship) are offered through this site.

A number of grants are available to eligible students, including Pell Grants, Olympic College Grants, Washington State Need Grants and Federal Supplemental Education Opportunity Grants.
Federal Student Loans
Olympic College participates in the Federal Direct Student Loans program. Federal Direct Student Loans can be subsidized or unsubsidized.

Work-Study Jobs
Federal and State Work Study programs administered by the Student Employment Career Center provide jobs for some students based on financial need.

Olympic College Foundation
The Olympic College Foundation seeks to make available a variety of scholarship opportunities, including those that improve access for economically-disadvantaged students, as well as those opportunities that provide important recognition for students based on scholastic merit.
Additional funding opportunities are available for some students.