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Closure Information or Changes to Operating Schedules

Please check the college's website at www.olympic.edu or go to www.schoolreport.org for updates on campus closures or changes to college operations.

If a decision is made to change or suspend operations at Olympic College for any reason, here is the quickest way to access pertinent information. IMPORTANT: Messages are posted in the event of emergencies or closures/delays only. If the college remains open and under normal operations, messages are not posted.


Olympic College will notify the media by 6:30 a.m. regarding day classes and by 3:00 p.m. regarding evening classes. 

OC Phone Line: 360-792-6050 or 1-800-259-6718 

OC Website:

Go to www.olympic.edu. If there is a delay or closure, a red box will appear on the top page of the OC website with emergency or closure/delay information.

Text Messaging 

Go to http://www.olympic.edu/alerts to sign up for text messaging alerts on your cell phone.  

TV Stations & Websites


Radio Stations

Listen for messages on the following radio stations:

KITSAP COUNTY                                                MASON COUNTY
KCIS 630 AM                                                       KOMO 1000 AM
KIXI 880 AM                                                         KMAS 1030 AM
KOMO 1000 AM                                                  KGY 1240 AM 
KITZ 1400 AM                                                      KITZ 1400 AM  
KWDB 1110 AM                                                  KPLU 88.5 FM         
KITZ 1400 AM                                                      KVTI 90.9 FM 
KPLU 88.5 FM                                                     KMPS 94.1 FM 
KVTI 90.9 FM                                                        KUOW 94.9 FM
KMPS 94.1 FM                                                     KXX0 96.1 FM 
KUOW 94.9 FM                                                    KGY 96.9 FM
KXX0 96.1 FM                                                       KRWM 106.9 FM                                             
KIRO 97.3 FM    
KCMS 105.3 FM                                                   
KRWM 106.9 FM

External Notification


Go to www.schoolreport.org

Personal Safety in Emergency Situations

As in all emergencies or unusual situations, please make decisions to attend class or work
based on your own personal safety and circumstances.

Other Information

For Local Road Conditions:
For information on local road conditions, check these websites or phone numbers:
State Highways: http://wsdot.wa.gov/traffic/
Kitsap County Roads: www.kitsapgov.com/pw/roadwork.htm or call 360.337.5777. New this year: You can sign up for “Road Report” updates through Kitsap County’s website.
Mason County Roads: www.co.mason.wa.us/public_works/road_closures.php or call 360.427.8434.