Other Options for Transfer of Credit or Dual Credit

Transferring Credits to OC from Another Institution

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Advanced Placement (AP) Credit

Students who have taken high school AP (Advanced Placement) classes may be eligible for credit at Olympic College. Please have the College Board submit documentation of the test scores directly to the Registration and Records Office. For OC credits offered by AP score achieved, see exam scores.

Credit by Examination

Credit by examination gives you the opportunity to demonstrate college-level achievement through examination. It may allow you to skip ahead, save money and time. Find out more

Military Education Support

Olympic College is committed to helping military personnel and their families pursue their academic goals. We offer many military educational support opportunities.

Professional/Technical Credit

Credit may be awarded in professional/technical programs for experience and/or competency gained outside Olympic College. Credit may be granted for vocational or professional/technical education taken in proprietary colleges, military service schools or journeyman-level work experience. Contact the advisor for a specific professional/technical program for more information.

Tech Prep Credit

Through the "Direct Transcript of Tech Prep Credit" agreement, high school and college credit may be earned at the same time. High school or technical school students who have earned a "B" grade or higher in specific Tech Prep courses may submit an application for college credit through their school career center counselor. Articulated courses are matched to OC professional/technical courses and are transcripted for college credit. To find out if your school has a Tech Prep program, search for your school's Tech Prep Dual Credit opportunities HERE*

Transferring Credits to Another Institution

Olympic College courses numbered 100 and above will normally transfer to other colleges and universities. The receiving institution determines which credits will or will not be accepted. Consult the Degree Requirements for those courses that generally transfer to baccalaureate institutions. Also see the Transfer Advising for more information and resources.

Credit by Vertical Challenge

Current OC students may apply to earn credit for certain courses designated by the division and discipline as appropriate for vertical challenge. Through this process, students may be permitted to register for a designated advanced course and to receive credits with a grade of "P" for the bypassed course(s). A numerical grade of 3.0 or higher in the advanced course is required for consideration of the vertical challenge credit for the bypassed course(s). The only grade that can be earned in the bypassed course(s) is "P". To apply for vertical challenge credit:

Make an appointment with the appropriate division Dean to discuss what courses are approved for bypass.

  1. Obtain the "Credit by Vertical Challenge" form from the Dean's office. Complete the form and secure the Dean's signature.
  2. Take the form to the Cashier and pay the required transcript fee.
  3. Submit the form and the receipt to the Registration and Records Office prior to the third week of the quarter.
  4. When the quarter is completed, the student will receive notification of the final decision and appropriate course will be posted to the transcript.

Running Start

The Running Start program is an opportunity for qualified high school juniors and seniors to take college-level classes tuition-free. Running Start is part of the Washington State Choice Legislation created in 1990 to expand educational options for public high school students.