Career Pathways

High school students in the State of Washington have a unique opportunity to plan for their high school career and beyond. High schools in our state will be expected to engage students more in their learning, to connect learning to the real world, and require that each student have a plan for after graduation. This plan may include many options: four-year college, community college, technical college, specialty schools, apprenticeship programs, the military, or on-the-job training.  For more information about career pathways available through Olympic College, please follow the link below, login as a guest and research "roadmaps." www.washingtoncareerpathways.org

Programs of Study

Programs of Study  identify the secondary and postsecondary courses the student will need to take to ensure that they will have the knowledge and skills needed for a seamless transition into postsecondary education or apprenticeship. Programs of Study should be non-duplicative and outline a sequential course of study, should integrate academic and career and technical education, and should lead to technical skill proficiency, an industry-recognized credential, certificate, degree or apprenticeship.  To access information about Programs of Study (POST Views)  linked with Olympic College, please follow the link below and sign in as a guest. www.washingtoncareerpathways.org