Air Washington
Financial Aid

Many Air Washington students are eligible for financial assistance to help fund the cost of education. Please visit the OC Financial Aid Office website for comprehensive guidance on the financial process.

Have you already applied to OC to begin your educational program and are ready to apply for financial aid? These are the steps you should take:

  • File the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Please see the OC Financial Aid Office website for further information and a link to the form. Note that you may be contacted to complete some additional paperwork after your financial aid application has been received. Filing the FAFSA enables the OC Financial Aid team to evaluate your eligibility for a number of different aid and grant programs.

  • Veterans should complete the VONAPP at http://www.gibill.va.gov and then contact the OC Veteran's Services Office (VSO) at 360.475.7560 for an orientation to utilizing your educational benefits and other assistance.

  • Active duty military should contact OC Military Education for assistance at militaryed@olympic.edu. Navy personnel are also encouraged to work with the NBK Navy College Office for advising and financial assistance.

  • If you receive Basic Food Assistance, you may be eligible for continued assistance and other financial support while in school under the BFET program. Contact Christine Kubli at 360.475.6551 for more information.

  • You may be eligible for Worker Retraining funds. Financial assistance with school expenses is sometimes available for unemployed or otherwise displaced workers. Contact Laura Lee at 360.475.7325 or Miste Damrill-Leib at 360.475.7230 for assistance.

  • You may be eligible for Opportunity Grant funds. Tuition and book assistance is available for qualifying students in certain approved educational pathways. For assistance, contact Laura Lee at 360.475.7325 or Patty Thomas at 360.475.6817.

  • WorkFirst participants may also receive educational financial assistance. Support for low income parents is provided so that they can attend college. A referrals from DSHS is required. Contact Cathy Stinson at 360.475.7846 for eligibility at the Bremerton and Poulsbo campuses or Rose Ferri at 360.432.5423 for eligibility at the Shelton campus.

You may also contact Deborah Welsh, the OC Air Washington Transition Coordinator, or Stephanie Thompson, the OC Air Washington Grant Manager, for help with referrals to financial assistance contacts on campus: dwelsh@olympic.edu or 360.473.2826; or sthompson2@olympic.edu or 360.475.7839.